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Mar 3 2015

Featured Products(See Updates)

1. NHK streaming Online -Japan English TV-Watch Now

Radio Online
 BBC London UK Radio- News Online- Listen Now from Radionet
1-1 DZMM Audio Streaming -Listen Now
1-2 DZMM Live - Listen and get News Updates on "the Pacman" etc.

Online Business
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1. Home 2.Index WM 3. Updates  4.L4
Cnbites Updates / 1. Home 2. Thanks! 3.  mfacebook  4. Im Chikka 5.Facebook 6. Adsense 7. Cnbites Index 

Mar 1,2015
2.The Great Indian Railway
3. Star FM Dagupan City 
4. Love Radio Listen Now - All Love Radio Stations in The Philippines
5. Energy FM -
Streaming Online
6. Symphony Live365 - 
Streaming Online
7. Colorado Symphony -Streaming Online
8. Rock Music - Live365
9. Disney - Disneyland Music - Listen 
Feb 28 2015
mfacebook - fb in mobile form
Im Chikka  , - Free Texting for Pinoy, Sign In Via fb
3. MOR Dagupan City. - FM Radio
4. Join SFI to win prizes ,Bid ,Shop or Sell Online,learn the step by step for beginners , Invest without spending =>Yes 
5. Knorr Ph  ,Tunein , Jam Sebastian , PCSO
 LOTTO - Results  ,  NHK documentary , Listen to Jazz24 ,Radio Lovelife - Love Songs New York City Music,choose 32kbps ,
FEB 27 2015
Dear ChikkaLite users,

Thank you for always supporting our service. However, starting March 1, 2015, ChikkaLite will no longer be active. Please make sure to save all the important messages and numbers you wish to keep.

And to continue texting for free on Facebook, check out our new FB app -- Chikka Text! It has more free texts and all the features of Chikka that you will love. Try it out now -->Im Chikka Version 6
Feb 23,2015

Thanks fb!


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