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Feb 21 2019

What  :  O.P.I. Addlife Mega Office

               Free Business Health Seminar

              OPI Addlife Juice & Coffee

              Learn the 7 benefits &  9 ways to earn

              Appr: by AFP ,SEC, JALAL,FDA, LAZADA & WCP

Where: Address

One Philippines International Incorporated (OPI)

Central Plaza Complex

Traders Road Near Front Brigada FM
Daet ,Camarines Norte
4600 Philippines

When :  Every Saturday ( Feb 23 Mar 2, 9 and so on)

             Invite Ur family & friends

             Free Lunch Invited kita - Cliff Alim

*****OPI Addlife Herbal Juice and Coffee *****
Ano Yan?
   Invited kita (I'm Mr. Cliff Alim  )
    sa Seminar ng OPI Addlife Herbal Juice and Herbal Coffee
    (AFP, FDA, BFAD, Jalal, Lazada, WCP, SEC, approved )
   OPI means One Philippines International Inc
   Learn the 7 Benefits and 9 ways to earn
   4 (four) invites means Bday Cash Gift for your yearly cash bday gift power of 4 ( then power of 5)
     you are insured 100K to 500K,damayan,livelihood assistant program (name it)
     how they do it ? ,bayanihan thing we will do business together you are not alone
   Unique Benefits and Business These products is all other products combined
     Learn it every Sat ( free seminars and training ) Libre na kikita ka pa!
     Learn the a.classic or premium acct it is your choice
Saan Yan?
   Sa Daet Central Plaza Complex
   Traders Road Near front of Brigada FM
Kelan Yan?
   9 AM Every Saturday with free lunch included
   Benefits will be discussed then the business assistant program
   Yes You can invite others 
   For questions you can ask "now" or msg 09454884583 

*****OPI Addlife Herbal Juice and Coffee *****

I. Events and Occassions

1. December 25 - Merry Christmas!
2. Christmas Party Dec 22, 2018 Dulze
ña Central Plaza 5-9 PM 
    For Lumina 

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