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06122019 Wednesday
Jishnu: What is a pratika? Kalpesh: Its an emblem a Yantra a machine a tool that represents ideology. Jishnu : What are the ten divine principles? Kalpesh: It refers to the Yama and Niyama . Meditation is nothing without it. The best thing a person a man could have is the mindset of helping not to harm anyone and keep the sanctity of pratika ten divine principles but doing good and helping the society  its like one have lamp in the dark. Ideology goal process might be secret but the practical aspect of it is a shining example for the welfare of all. All the sanctity of instructions and so on must be kept. Jishnu: Why? Kalpesh : Ours is an ism too Its mysticism , mystics are gentleman they are not vulgar predictable it takes stages to develop things not in an instant. Jishnu: What is the ability to explain? Kalpesh: It is being extra sensitive to what are the effects of lessons on meditation to the body. Just the pulsation ideation and the encantation can purify the cakras , increase focus and greater than the initial stage. Like the cakra shodhana it really enhances and accelerates one towards the Supreme Consciousness. Jishnu: People have explained 4 parts of breathing but never explained that if breathing stops life will end. Kalpesh: Breathing is also a science many are not aware of breathing. That breathing  the way they breath is imperfect , it is associated with fast slow deep shallow but still lacking , what is lacking is the process. The process is secret and that is the reason why breathing is a mysterious thing like water. Pranayama is regulation of breath. Pranayama can be thought in books youtube etc but the process is so  secret.That even if youre done doctoral in the universities , or you already are a trillionaire it is still never heard . People may gossips about family relatives friends and showbiz but they cannot learn Pranayama that way. Kiirtan is the only way. Jishnu: Kiirtan? Kalpesh: Yes Kiirtan is the ultimate tools to fight gossips drugs and all the evil in the society. And one can learn Pranayama with that . Jishnu: How? Kalpesh : Kiirtan then meditation ( see step 1)all the Jinana or right knowledge will naturally come Jinana symbol is the downward triangle of the Pratika  and Karma Yoga is the upward triangle of the pratika through those symbols proper knowledge naturally is poured down to the Sadhakas mind. Jishnu: I thought it is secret? Kalpesh : All I have said to you are secrets those ananda sutram, 15 Shiilas , 50 propensities are secrets but I gave it all. I have enumerated them all to you. Jishnu: Yes I have kept them in my notes because I know you will rarely mention them. Kalpesh: Nope it will be mentioned all the time and repeatedly like mantras and slokas. Jishnu: That is your fb secret group ! Kalpesh : Closed group but it is for everyone it is just under regulation so that it will not fall in the wrong hands. You see the bible itself is symbolic not literal it is to prevent them from the wrong hands.  Jishnu: Yes I have noticed that it is coded, numbered and symbolic.

Kalpesh : Double meaning yes symbolic futuristic historical but people interprete them with ambiguity and those who really know the true meaning of those symbols can know who is from the company or not. Jishnu : Like what? Kalpesh: The series historical prophecy. The apocalypse , revelation. Written down by John the Divine. Jishnu: It feels like sacred mystical  geometry you talk like a mason! Kalpesh: The book is done written in Ph and already translated in English I dont know when will the book get support from institutions. Jishnu: where is that book? Kalpesh: It belongs to His Majesty Philippines our Samaj ( society)is called HM Samaj. If one is super intellectual go there. There is nothing more sacred endeavour and challenging than that. Jishnu: For some it is insignificant! Kalpesh: Yes they are satisfied with one knowledge not two. Scholars have given this that sciences where are they now? Buried or burned now part of earth crust! Intellectuals have thought about imaginary places now people
 are looking for it in the real world if collection of thoughts are put together
 it will create things like that . The result will be Atlantis, Heaven, Eden, Cloud 9 all are just stories , stories that one may believe or not. Now seekers are those who are capable or realizations. like treasure hunters are capable of finding treasures. Believers are disasters gullible to stories. Vulnerable to dogmas. Threatened people will even drink poison , believe anything . But after indoctrination when they go out all indoctrinations collapse because in reality life is not only  books, words, cartoons, animations, life is also sports academics and arts. One have to follow the rules of the game. Feel the real boundary , gravity , and know the physical limitations. If people dont have body the soul will go anywhere , if the earth dont have gravity people will be like balloons floating anywhere , if one has no boundary people will become like fb they lose their sense of boundary. No more face to face interaction . It is like talking under the table with another person behind the door. One should fall in line , without that people will not learn how to deal with reality. Sports can counteract them. Jishnu: I see thats your own words can you say your words are okay now? Kalpesh: What I m saying is that there is an advantage of being limited as a human, with boundary as human beings. It is life as it is.
061519 Saturday
Jishnu: What happen on Mercedes ? Kalpesh:June 13 2019 Fiesta with St. Anthony Saint Anthony of Padua (Portuguese: Santo António de Pádua), born Fernando Martins de Bulhões (15 August 1195 – 13 June 1231)[1] – also known as Saint Anthony of Lisbon (Portuguese: Santo António de Lisboa) – was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order. He was born and raised by a wealthy family in Lisbon, Portugal, and died in Padua, Italy. Noted by his contemporaries for his powerful preaching, expert knowledge of scripture, and undying love and devotion to the poor and the sick, he was one of the most quickly canonized saints in church history. He was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on 16 January 1946. He is also the patron saint of lost things.JIshnu : He reminds me of Kawhi Anthony Leonard. Kalpesh: Yes they are namesake.

Jishnu: What about chess? Kalpesh: Chess is about consequences of your moves

1. your piece might be taken 2. you may regret of your moves thats it. 

3.Make sure your pieces got supports from the rest and always think of the 

consquences of your moves.And do it fast on time attack mode Jishnu: Thats fb. 

Kalpesh: Yes for a better board you have to buy one around $ 9.00 or Php 

200 something like that. Jishnu: Isko is around what does he want? Kalpesh

he will receive money from his boss. Jishnu: What about the NBA finals why

the Raptors were good? Kalpesh: I know I know Iknow I respect you man.To win 

NBA finals means one is free from sprain strain eat a lot of bean curd for

strong bones . And veggies for strong fibrous muscle be alive and eat alive

food 31 % of food must be alive food means it is fresh raw juicy and ripe. 

Jishnu : Not about practice shooting and teamwork? Kalpesh: And that also.

If your body and mind gets instruction from you you are good manager, a leader

so one have to do exactly that. 

   June 16 2019 Sun

Jishnu: Itchiness what is the cause? Kalpesh: 1 It can be sexually transmi-

ssible itchiness like fungi. But if sweat is the cause it might be you dont

rinsed properly your laundry. You know laundry powder is hot , can cause

the skin itchiness making it look like with fungi infection and that is skin's

chemical reaction to that . The best thing to do is do not used laundry powder

if you dont rinsed laundry the way it used to be. Jishnu: Do you have  tools

for screw? Kalpesh: Screw driver yes tools are important and without it one

cannot unscrew any screw.Hands Teeth are not enough. Jishnu: What is the tools

for deep meditation? Kalpesh: Shiva Liunga, Shivas cow statue , Statue of 

Lord Shiva most tools are in the form of sculptures but the secret are the 

materials they use to make it. Like they need corn meal, granite, magnet

etc something like that. Those tools are for real. And found in many temples.

Pyramid itself is a tool for meditation pratika was an ancient pyramid 

hieroglyphics. Some deities statue are tools, it becomes tools for 

math for blackholes . The statue spirit is doing the math. It is all about 

tools be aware that most religious objects are tools for many things, Saints

are capable of that, unfortunately 400 years of Christianity Ph had produce

only 2 saints ( St. Calungsod and St. Lorenzo). Anyway they say every Catholic when body clock is over they become

saint saint means perfect thats why there is saints camp, all saints day.

Chinese uses their ancestors as tools to pray to. Tools are everywhere no



June 19-20 2019 Wednesday

Jishnu: San Roque Mercedes town how's cycling there? Kalpesh: You see it is not 

passable before and there were no roads there not even bridge but with the

million dollar bridge and road it is now accessible. Jishnu: How do people

react to infrastructure development? Kalpesh: Initially they freak out seeing

 people because they can see a lot of people coming and going and they

see me regularly, one even follows me at night just to see my face ,another is cursing

his dog , another man is overprotective of politicians posting area,

a drunk man is cursing and stoning his son ,I recall

in Basud ( another town) an old lady on a  river boat together with

 boatman using row

 always to come home , when I ask her its like 

she needs yelling to her ears everytime, a typical behavior of opinionated

person whatever work she does in school. I understand she has a phobia of strangers but

now that area is public and it doesnt belong to anyone , Basud river

belongs to people ,one changes is that the  river dike is done. 

The lesson there is when seeing meeting strange adult  make sure he she is not

suffering  from inferiority or superiority complex to do that simply observe the persons behavior first 

the way she he talks or just ignore never ask anything. Many are practicing evil eye

here in CamNorte esp Talisay town they learn that from Daet One time a  cycling late 

adult guy behaving like the gasoline

man on the cabin in the woods movie

or park illegal vendor if you approach her

she's so angry , antisocial because of the environment of the park is nasty

because teenagers are flirting there in public

 not all people can afford rehabilitation 

and mental health facilities nor psycho treatment and they are out there

to slap someone without reason or yell at everyone or exhibiting rage inside the

marketplace ( wet market)throwing breaking properties , beat someone thats it ,they exists.

Jishnu : You might be reading these people wrong San Roque is not stranger

to people that is a school zone from K-12 to college and TESDA. Kalpesh: My time

is at night like nightcrawler taking videos of cats runover by vehicles. 

And before I used to go at noon but due to climate change night is now more conducive. 

Jishnu: But night is when people are home and watching their fave no choice 

channel , for some going out for dinner,for some its talking about 

their parties attended how much alcohol they consumed. It is always about dinner invitations

and getting drunk. Kalpesh : For some it means competitive cycling or a quality time

next to a bicycle on Bagasbas bridge or daredevils are bridge diving , others are eating flatbread 

and pumpkin balls. 

Jishnu: You got headache? Kalpesh: Somebody's scooter park in front of our gate I    have 

to move it myself.And I recall a security guard is so stupid on his work area

dont know his place and giving inacurate things about his workplace location. His consciousness

knows everything but his questions and thoughts are all signs of brain not working

 another man is

have no clue of what Im saying I was asking Mr LV about a sidecar suspension and it takes him

2 minutes to figure out what is it  ,a sidecar suspension. Jishnu: What is

you theory about that? Kalpesh: Stupor is cause by wastage of semen. If their wives

are giving them love and their man still do self sex thats wastage of semen, plus

wet dreams and involuntary ejaculation excessive semen because of alcoholism.

If sexual desires are even suppressed it causes excessive anger.  If a persons

body and mind are not getting instruction from person itself he she  is a bad manager. 

If he is not happy with himself alone and harming it,  he she is in bad company with

himself. Jishnu: Stupor they may be but they have some skills , capability that

you dont have. Kalpesh: Yeah i dont know everything being relevant is better.

Diversity of capabilities is the law of human interests but if they dont

do what they can do its a disaster. How can one do things if they are stupid? 

It will just cause bad conversation. 


062219 Saturday

 Jishnu: So hows those stupidity that happens to you? Kalpesh:Yes thats an 

example of stupor and intoxicating drinks have that effect too. Would you like

your driver or doctor high on weeds or drunk? or your pilot? Jishnu: Nope

how can mind function nicely when intoxicated?Can a student study properly if drunk?

 Kalpesh: Yes the best answer

is another question. Anyway stupor is one of 50 vrttis propensities. Jishnu:

Pit mines? Kalpesh: Yes native Americans doing copper mining on massive scale

5000 years ago to adorn palaces.Jishnu: Youre funny did you say the best answer

is another question?, its like your saying attack is the best defense. And peace

is the result of fight. Kalpesh: Yes people are seeking answers everyone 


 searching something. Jishnu: What makes you laugh? Kalpesh: Abhijiit took my

money and just a little for himself , not all my money and I was in Mindanao

and the GPS is telling that its in that center of that land , I want to share

my location at home I was sad it is 1000 km away from home its like I am

in Davao City but the GPS is telling me I am in the middle of Mindanao

 and another is I was in Barangay Pasig and Barangay camambugan diversion

 road and there was like what is happening in

some country ,on war happening. It was horrible. It was funny because it was

just a dream. Jishnu: What makes people lustful? Angry? Inspired? Infatuated?

laugh? Kalpesh: The mind is the smartphone of the body.Or the body itself is

a supercomputer.It is capable of all those propensities if one

cant handle them its hard to earn money. There are two ways to tell a news

first is what is the good news then the bad news. And how to tell a bad news

in a funny way is just crazy but funny. Jishnu: Thats Robinhood movie, 

Car vs wild is that cool? Kalpesh: yes the jeep wrangler can go anywhere

but driver should not be alone or he wont come back alive to tell the story

like the salt doll when it goes to the sea it becomes part of the sea

 it is like a task its a teamwork to drive vehicle in

those difficult terrains. Jishnu: That salt doll thing thats yoga merging self

in the Ocean of Consciousness !Kalpesh: Yes its all about the Supreme

Consciousness we are not gossipping here. Jishnu: So what is that propensity

that is divine? Kalpesh: Without a guru automatically one becomes evil. With a

Guru one becomes the good person.Jishnu: Hows that possible? Kalpesh : You can

attain Self realization in two ways by doing good or by doing bad, that is

supreme negativity or supreme positivity. But doing bad is a torturous path

while the other is path of bliss. Anyway life is both heaven and hell on earth.

Sometimes heaven sometimes hell. To describe those good and bad times. 

Jishnu : Is there God heaven and hell? Kalpesh: Those are beliefs and 

people have different level of thinking. And can be explained at different

level . Doing the public discussion about that people can hear the same

thing but enterprete them according to their experience. One say something

and the listeners imagine things. In a movie its different people see the

same video and the way they perceived that? , perceptions are totally different.

No two things are the same ever its just similar but not identical .No two 

rice are the same , no seeds are the same.Not even thumbmarks are the same.

Jishnu: Have you notice the gay lifestyle and a whore? Kalpesh: There are 

similarities they go out at night and go back before or after midnight.And she

says please chat me , okay good bye! Jishnu: Some are taking up medicine

Kalpesh: They want to become doctors not patient. To become a doctor or a

lawyer one have to pay the tuition fees and use the intellect like a

16 wheeler truck on one wheel.Jishnu:Nope thats being a Guru Guru read 11 hours

a day in a year and keeping those knowledge inside Him so he can answer all

questions. While being a professional are utilizing tools invented by

human enginuities and they become technicians, Now do you want to

become a technician or a genius? Jishnu: That is Dada Krsna 's question!Of course

become a genius with sharp mind and infallible eternal memory not only me

everyone around me , If I become wealthy I want everyone also to become

wealthy. What if I am superhealthy and others are hungry , or I am wealthy and

everyone is poor? I will become a thief ! Jishnu: If you dont have money

you cant employ anyone to help them become self sufficient.Kalpesh: The next

generation will become neither rich nor poor . Being rich or poor is 

creates shackles, bondage in the mind. There is a slokas or verse for that

but that slokas is secret. Jishnu: You are telling me for every situation

there is a sloka? Kalpesh: Yes just like for every chess move there is 

familiar aggressive and winning move.It becomes autoexec move when the mind

is trained to that for days years and when the body clock is over the thought

will be that liberating thought! Jishnu: A liberating thought? Kalpesh: Just

do kiirtan and Sadhana thats it. Jishnu: Reading 10 hours a day for 2 years?

Is that the way to become a Guru? Kalpesh: Nope as long as you live one 

must be updated you heard what Lou Bloom said? Be updated. What if till now

you are wearing wooden shoes can you do soccer with that? Or can you go outside

the space with your bicycle? One have to adjust thats PROUT! Jishnu: Prout is about 

economic and politics? Kalpesh : Its about all around progress involving economists

politicians and scientists ie engineers doctors teachers etc. and Sadvipras.PRogressive

Utilization Theory its about utility of everything not just dissecting and not

just exploration but utilization. Both analysis and synthesis. Jishnu: Is that

how you explain Prout? Kalpesh: Prout is an encyclopedia of progressive theories

based on actual situation. Not just mere plans. You see PROUT is like a lesson

plan with smart objective meaning specific measurable attainable realistic time bounded

( smart) Jishnu: You makin it up PROUT is not a classroom subject Mr JM is not

a proutist he is a retired school principal. Kalpesh: Yeah PROUT is from Astronauts to

Z of life it involves utilization of all ie the gold of earth to be used in every

computer to explore the universe. Its a fieldwork laboratory work and the scope

from microvita to what the radio telescope and mind can perceive. Jishnu: Where can

I get PROUT encyclopedia ? Kalpesh: At AMPS and PRout department. I am sure they

have all that in a DVD one can buy them online. Its called the works of PR Sarkar.

The works of HQ Milan is another it might not be available online but its in

Daet Camarines Norte . ITs over the counter because they have a small shop there

Jishnu: Where in Daet CamNorte Kalpesh: On one of my audiovisualinfo.blogspot

 I have shown the chapel 

on the side of a river dike ,where I have learned meditation. Its there. Magallanes 

Ilaod  ST find HM ask every house its where the "penitensya" durng holy week starts 

 Daet Cam Norte. If AM is an ocean of consciousness , HM is the spring on the

side of a mountain. That is they one thing in common water.In the bible

there are caribu( reindeer)  big deer( India) and small deer.( Philippines) see Deut 14:5.


Jishnu: About Nanjing Calling what is it all about? Kalpesh: About agar wood and

Nov 22 is agar wood farmer festival. Also about duck recipe .Chinese and Japanese

cooking is about doing culinary arts and compete for it at Duck King Competition.

 For the customers satisfaction sake.

And agar wood on the other hand is use for making incense which is more

valuable than gold to Chinese in Nanjing. Marinated salted duck thats nanjing duck it

is prepared meticulously, the cooking school way. One need to be an apprentice

to become a chef like in the movie Ramen girl which is about Ramen , this one

is about Nanjing duck. To them its like chicken but obviously what 8M people love 

in Nanjing. Nanjing duck looks different from Ph duck they look like wood duck ( Itik) in Ph

than Ph duck( pato) marinated in Onion, anis , and pepper corn something like that.


Yes if you are from Ph Nanjing duck can be strange looking duck. 

062519 Tues





AdsJan 2019- Rsivarna: Aeshvarias or occult powers are 8 in number.1.Anima 2 Mahima 3.Laghima 4.Iishitva 5.Prakamya 6.Vashitva 7. Prapti  and 8 antaryamitva.Kalyana:Also called vibhu'tis or occult powers, One of 6 Attributes of a Bhagavan!1.Vibhutis 2.Viirya 3. Yasha 4 Shrii 5. Jinana 6.Vaera'gya.Continue Reading.




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An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one electric motor or more, using electrical energy stored in batteries or another energy storage device. Electric motors give electric cars instant torque, creating strong and smooth acceleration. 

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         Ikaw Ang Aking Iibigin is Jag's fave Pinoy Love Song the reason is it has that heart touching lyrics and rhythm that is light and a melody and with voice that is with strength , deep feeling and power. 
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Fifteen Shiilas


The Fifteen (Páiôcadasha) Shiilas should be followed in personal and social life:


1. Forgiveness.


2. Magnanimity of mind.


3. Perpetual restraint on behaviour and temper.


4. Readiness to sacrifice everything of one’s individual life for Ideology.


5. All-round self-restraint.


6. Sweet and smiling behaviour.


7. Moral courage.


8. Setting an example by individual conduct before asking anyone to do the same.


9. Keeping aloof from criticizing others, condemning others, mudslinging and all


sorts of groupism.


10. Strict adherence to the principles of Yama and Niyama.


11. Due to carelessness, if any mistake is committed knowingly or unknowingly, one


must admit it immediately and ask for punishment.


12. Even while dealing with persons of inimical nature, one should keep oneself free


from hatred, anger and vanity.


13. Keep aloof from talkativeness.


14. Obedience to the structural code of discipline.


15. Sense of responsibility.








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       2.1B Facebook is a one and only Social Media . And Messenger is like its shadow. Adsense is another, it is like the modern bitcoin mining of the past and now at present.  Adwords is another just like adsense they do the math , you do the math and thats it you are yank. But thats not our topic here what is important is Life - Life is what it is without opinion as it is , no past , no future just living at present. But conscious, relevance instead of I know it all. Consciousness instead of Intellect, clarity instead of confidence,playful instead of wearing miserable face. Joyful instead of long face. Getting involved is lifes way. Not astral projection and not getting out of senses. If one wants to shut up the brain one have to stop the liver kidney and pancrease therefore it is not possible . Life is not like that getting involved and living consciously is. Experience life as it is not what happen to you or what is your past experience should be free from that biases. 

    My cycling since I got that Urban Cycling App is 900 Km already.Since I got that Kymco its 25000 km already. That action camera is not steady and bad video comes out unless one use it without moving and still. Any basic phone  ( bpmi) military ) inspired , Kalpesh even found out they made it for elderly for long stand by. What if theres more than 2800 maH power bank bpmi like 16000 maH and only Php 600. Anyway road bike and flashdrive is on the shopping list. bpmi have fm and power bank for sure battery last longer. Kalpesh is on with Ed Stafford Left for Dead at Laos in the morning it was in Mongolian snow mountain.

   Jazzy and Jake missed Gin with lemon in it so they went to Jan Jan and after drinking now they are singing on Videoke at 9PM loud many are drunk in all directions, Have to uninstall Imo , CIMB and that app because its not being used. Online banks must stay for years so that everybody will trust them like coinph yeah . Jishnu aint big time capitalists but he knows when small time benefits with big time app.  A hub with sounds? Php 3300 says Adrian. They call it rich sound. Hey its Taglish and sometimes figure of speech are local. Have to update Gambino , what if billionaires help free bitcoin mining earn at least  more not Php 100  for 3 months? At least make it $. To be honest politics is on TV , radio and even friends talk about gossips. Everything is gossip nowadays. Some are printed , filmed even movies are someone elses gossips. Happines can be found inside the heart . External happiness is falsehood. Success is in when win win situation takes place. Level up on cycling is like kids enjoys BMx then once graduated its mountain bike one can realize road bike is the ultimate bike. One design is better than others.It is like 7K in Lazada Php 7K or more Php. It is easy to see the new bicycle designs are everywhere Jishnu doubt its Taiwan Made some are US Brand , one channel say its Taiwan are good in bicycle production, Chainless bicycle must be around now what took it so long? eVehicles what took it so long? Google Mars must be available now. It is noticeable that Japanese bicycles are everywhere too . Related to all that are Paho fruits are like fruit of the season lots of it are on the road and roofs. Indian mango they call it they dont want to call it paho like in Jishnu's place. Its good for the heart because it is shape like the heart mango are heart shape. It is either microscopic shape or macro shape one can derive health benefits just by looking at the shape. 

   Bicycle yes or bike - its common word for bicycle , when one say bike locally its bicycle not motorcycle . American choppers bike is a different topic . To summarize Kalpesh mind just watch ESPN , discovery channel and watch Sadhguru on youtube. Its hard to understand cosmic philosophy unless one experience time to think freely. Many are not interested on thinking freely , obviously they want to get entertained by

funny people and loud people . But to think different from academics and neighbors is to watch NGC , discovery, and history Channel , Myx and NBA, plus all news. So that you have gossipping advantages esp in Jishnu's neighborhood and social media. It is what it is so collect data from blissful sources it is not good when everyone is competing for the same thoughts or job or a place to rest. It is not conducive no more. Jishnu: "You forgot Justin B on your fave singer does it mean he aint your fave? " Kalpesh: I want to correct your question please ask about Arianna G instead." Jishnu:" Jake is singing Maroon 5 does it mean he is a good singer?" Kalpesh : "Yes that makes him inspiring and drunk". Jishnu: "Mr B T is a lost a soul can you make him go back to the path of Bliss?" Kalpesh: "Always" Jishnu: Why do you think Jake loves to sing Versace on the floor?  Kalpesh: Because he beats Boboy with a glass on his head and he fell down on the side of the road. It was that night with flood and no current at all tomorrow will be no current from 8 AM to 5 PM. Jishnu : are you prepared? Kalpesh: I have prepared my imagination to activate nuclear power plant here in the Philippines. Jishnu: Good idea !

     Jishnu: Jazzy got diarrhea and paralysis a mild paralysis is it a sign and symptoms of too much drinking? Kalpesh: His personality and lifestyle is exactly like that. He is gay , loves to talk , expert in cooking , he got LBM because he drank on that deep well in Basud at his brothers house and his stomach have no adapting bacteria to neutralize the local water so he was infected . Alcohol too he consumed lots of water and alcohol which is contaminated also food all are contaminated for sure thats why he got LBM. Now he is okay so he is back to his lifestyle of work eating sleeping and being gay and he is a friend.  Jishnu: It is hard being conscious when money is not enough.  Kalpesh : True. There are 7 billion Gods and goddessess on earth even flying one , crawling one all kind of Gods thats why we can still be unconscious and others will become conscious for us. Jishnu: Hows that possible? Kalpesh : It is collective living if you are intellectual and lack of Supreme Consciousness Someone will have it for you by giving that awareness to you. Just installed that inside your chakra then that's it. Or just listen to a great person talking you will become realize, believing is not required you believe it or not it doesnt matter . Belief is not a tool for quality life it turns off ones learning mode.  One becomes so afraid of admitting I do not know. Not knowing the I do not know attitude turns on the learning mode. But if one say "I know"  thats  off mode . Open the mind by being a seeker not a believer. Dont get trapped in books, in identities thats small. Being identified in a group is being small be universal. The culture of story telling must be there in every tradition. Tradition is what we do today that the next generation will do tomorrow. 

   Jishnu: How about negative vibes who are fishing and disrespecting everyone? Kalpesh: Just forgive them But if they make crime against the law it is them vs the whole world. You have no right to forgive them . Jishnu: Can law make humanity? Kalpesh: The law are ordinances for humans only, they do not forbid killing pigs, frog, its for humans only so it cannot make a humanity ..Look at them dissecting frogs and glad they see heart still beating they are making heartless humans. Humans are protected by the law plants insects animals are not. Jishnu : who told you that? Kalpesh: Sadhguru. 

   Jishnu : Do you have hurtfeelings with blogger? Kalpesh: Yeah they deleted all my February blogs. It feels like hell. How come if one use a word then they will delete all your blogs and call it spam? One quality of a good site is it is there forever , it will change but wont delete anything. Blogger is not like that , they are only good in classifying qualified blogger and not qualified. Jishnu: Who are they? Kalpesh: That lady she is sorry Ive felt violated classified and noted as someone she dont like and whoever behind her. Man are really targeted by sexist . Shane , Donald, his chief Justice, woman are putting man down sometimes. Males are under attack always. Jishnu: Who cares who are you? Kalpesh: I am what I am . Its not deleted but she maybe give required time to do this that and the time lapses. Expiry thats where they are good at putting expiry so that customers will buy again . Exploitation that is exploitation and they are exploiters. Anyway they themselves will expire they can postponed that but they surely cannot avoid it. 

   Jishnu: What do you think of February? Kalpesh : February is not like now month of May. May is also bad February is also bad but there are lots of good thing about them . The good things about Feb is that it is a month for brokenhearted. Jishnu: what about May? Kalpesh : May is a month of falsewitnesses . Jishnu : What is good about that? Kalpesh : Just reverse the meaning of it one is got heart repaired with glue and the other is truth set victims of  love free. Jishnu: You are nobody Kalpesh so no one will pay attention here. Kalpesh: The cloud of truth is always the truth no matter how small it is.  

Cnbites 3.0

3.1 Jishnu : What are the songs of Parokya ni Edgar? Kalpesh : Your Song ,Gitara etc Jishnu : Hows your cycling?

And about that sexist are you still suffering of what happened 5 years ago thats insanity! Kalpesh: Yeah thats why I am here and having fun. Listening to PNEdgar. My next fave for videoke . The problem is internet is bad. Elon Musk is the hope his SpaceX our internet is buried on the sea floor is so slow. Jishnu : So bad huh, what happened on the road? hows the power interruption? Kalpesh: 8AM to 4:47 PM  Jishnu : Hows politics? Kalpesh: Politics yes politicians can help me utilize the nuclear power plant , solar power and wind turbine power . We have plenty of sea shore and the wind is so strong , sunlight is so strong and there is a proof already on the Cory A Boulevard that solar power dont have power interruptions. If one is cycling on that boulevard one can notice that for real . One can experience the solar power that gives light . Its like artificial intelligence it is auto off  and auto on. AI is when things are left alone it does things alone . Computer is one example of AI. All computer activities are obviously AI. It plays music alone before if you want to play music you have to do it manually. Everything manual is not AI. All that is automatic are AI. Robots have AI. Jishnu : How did you learn that? Kalpesh: Through cycling in that boulevard. Jishnu : They made that long boulevard before it wasnt there your 

old videos

of Bagasbas shows there is no road there either now it is passable and a modern road hows that in the night? Kalpesh : They turn it to restobar, picnic place , cycling place and place to do workout. At night its so bright because of around 200 solar street light more or less from Mercedes Daet To Talisay seashores. Jishnu: Really , since you were cycling before there are few cyclist but now everyone is cycling having fun there. Kalpesh: Yes at night people can do play loud music and even do fishing . More than 30 fishing boats at night are on the horizon each have light.  Modern lights are now led thanks to the availability of lights , motor parts, clothings, kitchen wares etc from 101 , new one, v5 , Hong in Legazpi  Jishnu : Those are Filipino Chinese store! Kalpesh : Yes from appliances to zhk mobile phone they have it. Before those products are sold 300% of its price but now it is not like that.  


3.2 Jishnu: Did you just say before things are overpriced ? What happened to those business people who


do over pricing ? Kalpesh : Now they are richer! Jishnu: From home to Mercedes then Bagasbas then to the Mar-


ket place and back home what happen? Kalpesh: One lady got cremated and just got interment this morning


she died last March was cremated and that happened overseas , so the cadaver is back to Ph just this week 


month of May its already cremated for transport . Jishnu: Thats Funeral parlor St Martha is also part of 


cycling route. How did you get info data of news? Kalpesh: Someone just type the name on fb and one can get 

updates of everyone If a person is not on fb he she is living under a rock. Fb is PH social media not twitter



 . If you do things outside fb it feels like you are on the seashore of another island. Jishnu:


 Is that so ? How accurate is that info? Kalpesh: They make posts all the time it may be horrible post ,sexy 


post, but its the reality they are just sharing what life is and their posts are from here there and everywhere 


not limited to local because groups are really looking for love not anything else. They are honest to themselves



they want to know your mind. Fb wants to know whats on your mind not whats on your pocket. 


3.3 Jishnu: How do you compare google page and twitter? Kalpesh : its just cosmic they both global not so 


localized . Unlike in fb they have foreign , local , personal and even phonebook people were there.


Jishnu: Lets go back to your cycling what is with cycling? Kalpesh: Cycling here is night cycling and before


dawn cycling. It is not the morning seasonal cycling sponsors would like on their seasonal trips. Here it


is you need lights at night. The difference between survival living and cycling at night is you are awake


and cycling while survivors are sitting next to a campfire to protect themselves from rain or wild animals


or insects if there are. Jishnu: So you are still thinking of TV shows while cycling? Kalpesh: Yes of course


Jishnu: Compare cycling jogging and walking Kalpesh: Jogging are for those who dont know how to do cycling 


walking are for those who cant jog. Cycling is for those who dont want lions to devour them because they


are touching the ground. You can walk if flat tired or jog or walk to while cycling even swimming and whatever.


Jishnu : I have noticed that you are wearing smart watch using urban biker app and exploring google earth



especially the area of Mt Labo? Kalpesh : because its fun. 


3.4 Jishnu : About cycling what is cycling to you? Kalpesh: It is schwinn not atomic but schwinn other brands


are not but schwinn. Jishnu : That's a brand and what videoke allergy drunkard crazy fishing laboring driving


 people got to do with cycling? Kalpesh : Nothing cycling helps you look at life the way it is not suffering


 while thinking of disrespectful people and their insults have you seen the movie the judge? If you kill a person


because the person insulted you you will go to jail you will be locked up. And if you say because it is fun


they will scorned your answer they want you to tell them its more than fun I am a criminal so locked me up


thats what they want from you because they catch the wrong guy and the real culprit is out there. Jishnu: You are 


mixing up movies and personal experiences. What happened really why did you say that? Kalpesh : To understand


something you have to watch listen again and again not just passing glance but really indulge into it and thats





3.5 Jishnu: Last time I ve heard allergy and anti allergy tablets affects erection is that true? Kalpesh:


Me I do drink anti allergy but yes I dont have lust no more and I dont care of erection. But erection is


like exercise of the muscle there . Use that muscle , let the blood flow and make it functional there is


nothing wrong if the country have nuclear power plant and bring it on. Power it up and make the thin supply


of electricity back to stability and more energy. If that happened prices will become stable. Power supply


, fuel supply must be affordable. Not power interruption all the time . To do that one must avoid coal and 


say yes to nuclear power plant wind turbine and solar powers. Ph is gifted with geothermal powers a natural


power source . But the problem is the upgrading of the system is endless. The repairs are endless. Like the


road, water supply all are being repaired all the time . So many repair projects instead of expansion of roads


venturing to more power source by the same corporation spread some money pay the taxes tarrif presto problem solve. 


Jishnu : Damn! you are trying to solve the trade war and the problem of department of energy and opec! That is 


not within your experience! Kalpesh: It is not my problem if I cant do a thing that I know I cant,




 but it will be worst if I dont do what I can do!

cnbites 4.0 A1

4.1 Okay lets do it . Jishnu :  What is happiness and freedom? Kalpesh: Happiness is a  consequence of you  after tapping on your divine consciousness inside you and making your Self take charge of your Own thoughts and emotions and choose to become blissful. Happiness is an expression not a pursuit. Freedom is a consequence and not a philosophy if one choose to be free and do whatever he she  Wants that is freedom , but if freedom is done unconsciously it will cause anxiety. Do things consciously , make sure the intellect manage the mind consciously. Let consciousness and life take over intelligence and success .  Let clarity take over self confidence . Jishnu : What are the consequences if there is one God? Kalpesh: One will feel good and others he she will  look down as bad or inferior. He she will try to make others like him or her. Imagine creating another one exactly like youself its too much ! One is enough. We are born unique all have different finger prints iris etc nothing is the same even rice grains are different.  Others loses ones Self because others will impose his her beliefs on others. Kiss my cross or die in my sword ,with that one will

Kiss the cross. That’s how religious beliefs  are being propagated. All the beliefs in heaven will collapse along  with those authorities behind it  Follow just one is their teachings , great people gave methods only and no teachings . But in fb one can follow many. That's why fb is more liberal .  Emancipation is number 1 not dogma , not bondage , not beliefs.  If one belongs to a group the identity become small. Children must be thought universal identity not sectarian identity branded and small. Don’t look up on anyone don’t look down on anyone.

Jishnu: Biological evolution what is it? Kalpesh: That is sex sexuality sensual things using the body

But not limited to sex organs but also including the motor and sensory organs. Make them busy they are 10 ,  5 motor organs. 5 sensory organs if they are not busy its like devils are not busy. Don’t be too concerned about sexuality sexuality is just in the comfort room and bedroom other place than

that gender thing is not and should not be an issue. Man and woman are the same and can do work

because of technology. Whatever man can do woman can do because of technology. Those who think

that woman cant be a leader are not married.  Jishnu: How's NBA? Kalpesh: It’s the fave channel of Janelle she loves the roaring on TV and immediately the mind is running jumping and dancing basketball is designed to make people jump in ecstasy. Jishnu: I am basic here I want to know about

Kawhi Anthony Leonard and Lowry. Kalpesh: yeah Toronto Raptors are great players of Eastern conference. Jishnu : What else? Kalpesh: Kawhi should make sure his shooting power improves and Lowry can do the same. Jishnu: Any schedules history gameplay? Kalpesh: Channel 60 and that’s it. Jishnu: Ed Stafford what makes him good? Kalpesh : He can bear cold cold climates and make fire on wet places of course using dry woods no matches no lighters just friction. He went to Venezuelan Jungle and jaguar is just scared of him. Jishnu: Cody and Joe of dual survivor how great they are? Kalpesh : Cody is not flexible unlike Joe but both are good. Matt is okay he can tribe and make camping anywhere long term. Jishnu : Bear Grylls how great is he? Kalpesh : He is rich and own that island very courageous , organizer, he is like a navy seal I don’t know if he is a navy seal ?

Jishnu : Nope Edward Michael Grylls (born 7 June 1974), better known as Bear Grylls, is a British former SAS serviceman, survival instructor, and honorary lieutenant- colonel .Kalpesh:  Special air service. Jishnu: What can you say about love? Kalpesh : Love is a sweet expression that is all there is to know about love.  Don’t give it more meaning. Just use the word literally no more ambiguity. Ambiguities is the root of all confusion.  Even figure of speech have specific meaning so be it. Or however they want to use the word it has specific meaning to a certain group but the point is meaning should be clear . A Sanskrit word have 5 to 7 meaning each word depending on the usage. Jishnu: And love have also lots of meaning . Kalpesh: nope just sweet expression . To others its God's name , its eros agape philia , love is this and that as result they turn crazy. They even export that to heaven so it becomes divine love. That's smuggling here on earth. Why export good things from earth to heaven? Jishnu: Now you sounds like Jagadish. Kalpesh : because he got clarity in his mind not ambiguity. Many people  are trapped in books , fell in love with words he set them all free. Many are locked up with limited identity he prescribed universal identity etc. Jishnu : What about P R Sarkar? Kalpesh P R Sarkar came first so He deserves all the respect. Just like Trisayon came earlier than some 

Beowulf so Trisayon is more respectable. Like Lord Shiva is the first yogi He deserves all the love and respect from anybody. Even May W. should not and cannot compare himself to M. Ali they are not the same level or weight either.






   Cnbites 5.0 A1


5.1 Jishnu: Webrip is a popular movie. As popular as drones, usb 3.0, roadbike and 40 Megapixel mobile phone like that of xiaomi and samsung also vivo huawei etc so many are offering clearer videos and photos. Some like motorcycle with footrest, eBike, bike with reverse like Rusi , Racal some like ford ranger some love hilux . Some like white sedan others gray black. Kalpesh: That’s diversity of nature uniformity will never be without diversity we will not evolved from stone age. Jishnu: That's what Tantric yogis are saying I agree or if I will not agree I am a cop. I am gullible if immediately agree I should behave like a cop do not agree quickly.   But for years its like that ,so it is not new. Confirmed true. For a long time you are vegetarian and fasting what happened? Kalpesh: I have realized and learned things on the process , It is learning it is lifetime it is not a 10  year course it is a lifestyle. So ,one practice that as long as one lives. One can make a difference between or compare a bookish and practical man. Jishnu : I am assuming you are the latter. Kalpesh: Uhm that refers to yogis. Jishnu: Last time you make a symbolic writings that represents all symbolically and who is that Indian that is so not agree to you? Kalpesh : He is that journalist from New Delhi he questioned those writings literally he is not aware of allegory parable mythical language he is that dull and halfwit. But he is also not that dull he was just pretending disguising himself as antichrist. Its normal that there are oppositions. Some have mastered family or love mechanics advising them all heartlessly, they will not succeed one can see their ratings will go down why? Those who are good nobody wants to be with them. People go away. Why ? Because they loses joyful face sit in one corner and think I am good and looking at others thinking" you are not good" , all are not good , only himself herself is good. He she is the best progeny of God as a result nobody wants to be with them.

5.2 Jishnu : Praveen Mohan how great is that bloke? Kalpesh : Following him there is a big interest in him on so ancient sculptures , I think many don’t see the ancient alien spirit within us and the advantage that  no more giant lizards and humans on earth. Jishnu: How do you compare Chinese sculptures and Indian sculptures and Egyptian ? Kalpesh : they are all the same. Jishnu : How about Roman and Greek sculptures? Kalpesh: Scientific and really look like the real one. Roman mummies are even scientific. Jishnu: How about the size? Kalpesh: Zeus temple and other temple and sculptures are huge and the word is impossible. Jishnu: Why impossible they used sound technology , rock melting technology laser cutting tech and other ancient technology to build them. Kalpesh: Yes I agree those things exists at that time. Most heavy rocks underground or on top of the mountain are all moa moa.

All of them are so heavy that someone have put them there , how they do it is like tarot number 1 The Magician. Jishnu : Who is that magician? Kalpesh: That's Him. Jishnu : Is God man or woman?


Kalpesh: Did you even asked me If I believe in God or not? Or what is belief or believing in something? A belief is not within ones experience it is something what teachers thought a child that don’t even matter to themselves either . Beliefs are formulated and believers don’t question them and even made them too scared too ashamed  to tell themselves that I don’t know, they become confident but deep inside I don’t know rules not what they know. God can be anything why? It is an acronym for Generator Operator  Destructor. Jishnu : How about Brahma is Brahma Man or woman? Brahma is composed of Shiva and Shakti both are inside the human beings in all gender and in all creations therefore not limited to man and woman, Humans are not the only thing in the universe.  This is a living cosmos. Shiva means Pure consciousness and Shakti means power or energy.   







cnbites 6.0 A

6.1 Jishnu : How to protect guide children ? Kalpesh: One fb post is a good question asking a father what is your dream for your child? He replied Its his right to make dream for himself .I leave it opt to him whatever he dream he wants…Something like that Don’t worry children don’t listen to any damn thing you say why ? They are observing you.  Our children should not be like us but better than us. They should become beyond our imagination expectations.

Do not teach them how to dissect a frog or we will create a heartless society. One expert says children should learn how the body functions those memories layer of the mind ,brain and memory must be tapped by staying away from mobile phones at age 12-14 they must first learn their own very high tech gadget the human body. The tools to use  are sadhana asanas etc those tools that are tantric tools Jishnu: How important are tools? Kalpesh : If you don’t have tools like hammer and saw you cant hammer a nail or cut a wood smoothly that’s how important are tools . Jishnu : How important are trees? Kalpesh: without trees you cant hide away from the sun. Whatever you inhale is from the tree. Whatever you exhale the tree inhales that’s how symbiotic our relationship with trees are.  Jishnu:  I want fruits flowers peace and laughter in my life. Kalpesh: All that are consequences a result of doing things right. If you want flower you don’t just sit down and think of flowers , you must get manures , soil , sunlight and all those will come to you. Do the will of nature and all will come to you. Comply with the universe not against the universe. Actually shits and fruits are the same . No matter how smelly the manure the mango tree gives sweet fruit. You do the dirty job the tree bears fruit. Children at age of 3 are naturally happy , when they grow old they wear long faces is their evolution gone wrong? Why ? Because they are suffering their own thoughts and emotions. Some still living in the past and suffering what happened 13 years ago, that’s insanity! one must live at present and look at life as it is not what do you think life is ,not what happen to you, just look at life as it is. Jishnu : Is that link to our body and thoughts? Kalpesh: Our body human body is a collection of food we eat. After eating bread the bread becomes the body .The body is your accumulation of food getting digested and excreted afterwards , without excretion elimination that would be more or less 14000 tons of food . Do we still carry those food? Your mind is an accumulation of data info thoughts from experiences one claim it as yours but body and mind cannot be you. If you have a glass of water you can say the glass is yours but you cannot say I am the glass. Same with body and mind.  Here is the tools to practice that the result will be emancipation from mental and physical sufferings: 1. Sit down look slightly upward put your hands on the knees lap area cross legged( lotus pose) close your eyes and mentally tell yourself repeatedly  : I am not this body I am not even this/the  mind. Do this 5 or more minutes twice a day as long as you can before and after sleeping.  Sufferings can only come from mental and physical sufferings. If one have a little distance from the body mind and emotion then suffering will go away. From now on all inspiration must come from inside you not from the dictate of others they have no right to tell you what to feel and think or what is going to happen inside you  , It is you who are in charge of your Self. If others are telling you what to do everytime isnt it bad? But worst if what  you want to do inside you is also dictated by others isnt it? 


cnbites 7.0 A



7.1 Jishnu: How vulnerable are we to others? Negative vibes? Kalpesh: If you are a white shirt and you went to shirts to be dyed with red color then you  turn red like them you have no choice so choose your company wisely.Jsihnu: What are the dimensions of memory?

Maetreya Cintamani: What are memory mind and body?

Kalpesh: genetic memory is a memory that you look like one of your ancestor it is sitting on your nose and never forgets brain cant do that body + memory = mind. Memory corrupts the mind of a person. Actions should be successful. Body mind should take instruction from you. You are suppose to produce high in your body ananda on mind. Opposite effect is grave face. Process is important so that result will come. Respect is earned not gain. Desire is direction those who play well can win only. Only human knows how to be , only humans are human beings, we call tiger lion elephants but not tiger beings, lion beings, or elephant beings. People do things consciously.  1.0 Buddhi means intellect 2.0 Ahamkara means identity 3.0 Manas (Memory) 1.conscious 2 unconcious 3.genetic 4. evolutionary 5. subconscious  6. articulate  7. inarticulate 8. karmic   . Manomaya kosha 4.0 citta - pure intelligence,beyond you and every influence

5.0 the solution it is intellect identity memory and beyond the 3 like iim that iim or intellect identity and memory 6.0 or buddhi ahamkara manas  (bam) and citta, citta is beyond them.

Jishnu : What does Ananda sutram says about Citta? Kalpesh: 

1.12 Tiivrasaungharśeńa cúrńiibhútáni jad́áni cittáńu mánasadhátuh vá.tiivra = excessive; saungharśeńa (3rd case) = by means of clash; cúrńiibhútáni = pulverized in the objects; jad́áni (pl.) = crude factors; cittáńu = ectoplasmic particles: citta (mental objectivity) +anu (small particle); mánasa = mind; dhátuh = substance, elements; vá = or[Due to excessive clash, some crude matter is pulverized, and cittáńu (ectoplasmic particles), or mind-stuff, is evolved.]1.13 Vyaśt́idehe cittáńusamaváyena cittabodhah.vyaśt́i = individual, unit; dehe (7th case) = in the structure; cittáńu = ectoplasmic particle; samaváyena (3rd) = by means of combination; bodhah = feeling, sense[Through the combination of ectoplasmic particles in the unit structure, the feeling of citta (objective mind) evolves.]1.14 Cittát guńávakśaye rajoguńaprábalye aham.cittát (5th case) = from citta; avakśaye = in the waning; rajoguńa = mutative force; prábalye = in the dominance; aham = sense of doership, doer “I”, or owner “I”[As the influence of the guńas wanes and rajoguńa becomes dominant, the aham (sense of doership) evolves out of the citta.] Jishnu: What is mind? Kalpesh: The subtlest form of matter . Jishnu : What is body? Kalpesh : Deha or body have accoustic root on every chakra each have colors sounds and forms. Jishnu : May I know what are those things about chakras?Kalpesh: Its the science of Chakra Shodhana a tool also go to your Dada contact Him and ask for that Lesson Jishnu: Dada who? A teacher so you can learn those tools.


 cnbites 8.0 a

        Ang TAlk Ph ay Pinoy ngayong May 12 sinulat abangan ang mga updates!Halimbawa ay katulad ito ng Simletran na Taglish rin . Tumatalakay sa kalusugan at mga karunungan kaalaman at kamalayang Pinoy Pinoy na nangangahulugan ng Pinaka Identity ng Organisadong Yaman. Puede ring Talk any talakayan , lakbayin at karunungan. Ph means Philippines.  Kung meron mang site na talkph siguradong iba ang kahulugan ng bawat letra nito. Gaya ng voodoocom ay walang kaugnayan ito or whatsoever, 


  cnbites 9.0




 8.1 Jishnu what are blackoles? Kalpesh : Stelloholes resultant of death of star seed blackholes is bigger than Stelloholes  , are small blackholes but  are huge as solar system it is located in the middle of a galaxy. Gravitational waves - are ripples of waves as a result of two blackholes merging to each other.

Super stelllar blackhole

Super massive blackhole

Seed blackhole

blackhole Mass - x10K the mass of the sun million times smaller than the sun

Star clusters- 10000 stars in the middle is seed blackhole

Mega centauri- is a star cluster

Seed black hole- no radio waves. Its not feeding. 50K times the mass of the sun

Eva- she saw the seed blackhole seeds black hole make stars move faster

Seeds black hole are the food of super massive blackholes

Jishnu: Youre sure about that? Kalpesh: Blackholes are shape like planets and stars too with other smaller blackholes orbiting around them , only they are pitch dark. Jishnu : Any analogy originally from you? Kalpesh : Its like spring in Nagcarlan so dense that its like the whole mountain is supplying water to that spring, the water is so massive concentrated on that small spring.  But that spring is still , you know the pressure is not ordinary.  Jishnu : Can you relate that to baseball and hockey? Kalpesh : yeah they have to blame someone always when clash is done. Jishnu: How about Ed Staffordin Bolivia? Kalpesh : Its always ten days or less Ed programmed to survive the ten day struggle. We eat to survive , but we don’t live to eat. Jishnu: That’s the spirit of survival and struggle as the essence of life what other human virtue you know or method in life? Kalpesh: If you forgive someone have patience too. Give him a pass. His time is not yet over. Jishnu: Is everything pure? Kalpesh: Yes if you know madhuvidia or honey knowledge. Jishnu: Honey knowledge? Kalpesh: Yes that’s a tool also a tantric tool. 

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11.1 Jishnu : Can we talk about the moon? Kalpesh : The rocks on Earth and moon are the same. Their chemicals are the same. Jishnu: Sarah Stewart ? Kalpesh : She is a planetary Scientist she said the moon is a result of 2 planets collided with each other. The collision is like a huge doughnut of clouds and from that the earth and moon was formed. Yes like a doughnut with a center but no hole doughnut. Technicians can recreate anything about space like how universe were formed. Humans are seeking substantial proof of all scientific ideas. If one fail to substantiate any new scientific ideas that’s a failure. Jishnu: what clouds why the same chemicals? Kalpesh : Not identical just similar moon is less potassium and sodium. Cloud of vaporized rocks. Jishnu :That’s Celestia debris Clouds ! Jishnu: How they make experiment?  Kalpesh : Using laser and jet gas and miniature moon. Jishnu : wow so simple ! When that moon formation happened? Kalpesh: 4.5 M years ago Jishnu : How do you compare the far side of the moon and that side facing the earth? Kalpesh : The far side is like a face which is not so smooth and the one facing the earth is smooth. Jishnu:  Noah Retro? Kalpesh: he is a Nasa Scientist  He said that the moon's near side  is rich in iron , basalt and volcanic rock. The dark spot of the moon are basalt (molten lava) some are impact of crater. Raining of asteroids collides the moon creating shockwaves 4.3 M years ago. Dark spots form the man in the moon . The far side of the moon have thicker crust that’s when another moon collided with our moon. We have two moons before but the other one is smaller or less than half of that moon. 






 8.1 Jishnu what are blackoles? Kalpesh : Stelloholes resultant of death of star seed blackholes is bigger than Stelloholes  , are small blackholes but  are huge as solar system it is located in the middle of a galaxy. Gravitational waves - are ripples of waves as a result of two blackholes merging to each other.

Super stelllar blackhole

Super massive blackhole

Seed blackhole

blackhole Mass - x10K the mass of the sun million times smaller than the sun

Star clusters- 10000 stars in the middle is seed blackhole

Mega centauri- is a star cluster

Seed black hole- no radio waves. Its not feeding. 50K times the mass of the sun

Eva- she saw the seed blackhole seeds black hole make stars move faster

Seeds black hole are the food of super massive blackholes

Jishnu: Youre sure about that? Kalpesh: Blackholes are shape like planets and stars too with other smaller blackholes orbiting around them , only they are pitch dark. Jishnu : Any analogy originally from you? Kalpesh : Its like spring in Nagcarlan so dense that its like the whole mountain is supplying water to that spring, the water is so massive concentrated on that small spring.  But that spring is still , you know the pressure is not ordinary.  Jishnu : Can you relate that to baseball and hockey? Kalpesh : yeah they have to blame someone always when clash is done. Jishnu: How about Ed Staffordin Bolivia? Kalpesh : Its always ten days or less Ed programmed to survive the ten day struggle. We eat to survive , but we don’t live to eat. Jishnu: That’s the spirit of survival and struggle as the essence of life what other human virtue you know or method in life? Kalpesh: If you forgive someone have patience too. Give him a pass. His time is not yet over. Jishnu: Is everything pure? Kalpesh: Yes if you know madhuvidia or honey knowledge. Jishnu: Honey knowledge? Kalpesh: Yes that’s a tool also a tantric tool. 

cnbites 11.0

11.1 Jishnu : Can we talk about the moon? Kalpesh : The rocks on Earth and moon are the same. Their chemicals are the same. Jishnu: Sarah Stewart ? Kalpesh : She is a planetary Scientist she said the moon is a result of 2 planets collided with each other. The collision is like a huge doughnut of clouds and from that the earth and moon was formed. Yes like a doughnut with a center but no hole doughnut. Technicians can recreate anything about space like how universe were formed. Humans are seeking substantial proof of all scientific ideas. If one fail to substantiate any new sicnetific ideas that’s a failure. Jishnu: what clouds why the same chemicals? Kalpesh : Not identical just similar moon is less potassium and sodium. Cloud of vaporized rocks. Jishnu :That’s Celestia debris Clouds ! Jishnu: How they make experiment?  Kalpesh : Using laser and jet gas and miniature moon. Jishnu : wow so simple ! When that moon formation happened? Kalpesh: 4.5 M years ago Jishnu : How do you compare the far side of the moon and that side facing the earth? Kalpesh : The far side is like a face which is not so smooth and the one facing the earth is smooth. Jishnu:  Noah Retro? Kalpesh: he is a Nasa Scientist  He said that the moon's near side  is rich in iron , basalt and volcanic rock. The dark spot of the moon are basalt (molten lava) some are impact of crater. Raining of asteroids collides the moon creating shockwaves 4.3 M years ago. Dark spots form the man in the moon . The far side of the moon have thicker crust that’s when another moon collided with our moon. We have two moons before but the other one is smaller or less than half of that moon. 

 12.1 Jishnu : Any new site? Kalpesh : Zergnet. It is a site that discuss news and tv and more. Its 180 pages of gossips and links about celebrities.  Also sciencing , I found that when I was asking if cold water is alkaline or and Ive found out that the ph level increases slightly when cold and decrease slightly when hot. It means water temp have nothing to do with water Ph but the site fail to tell that water is more tasty when slightly cold or hot.  Jishnu: The links are gone can you put it back? Kalpesh : yeah I can just add Twitter , InstagramAM contact us,

Beowulf , and I can bring it back and add more. Fury, End of Watch, Jishnu : Those are movies and what I mean are those popular social media . Kalpesh: Yes fb and messenger must be accessible anytime. And Google page and photos .  Jishnu: What is the role of elephants to a Lion's life? Kalpesh: its food for them. Jishnu: What will happen if your bed have a lot of money in it full and

Yes lots of money in your room and bed. Kalpesh : That would be the most uncomfortable place to be, look at the movie The Wolf of Wall Street they became drug addicts , sex addict and even lost everything when they lost their  humanity . Jishnu : Compare Ph to Hollywood. Kalpesh : If a person in hollywood have car that’s not enough its just ordinary transportation and want that customized . If in Ph one could be like that or one can use car as livelihood for many they stock it in garage.  For others an RV is a home. RV movie is an example of that. A movie without car is not a movie. Jishnu: Will people plant trees if they learned that tree is life? Kalpesh: Many people have already realized that and doing that. Jishnu: Are they going to make roads on Mars? Kalpesh: Here on earth roads are bad what of Mars? Jishnu: What is the height of Millau Viaduct? Kalpesh: Its structural height is 336. 4  meters. Jishnu Grand gulet's road? Kalpesh: It is closed now. New tunnel bypassed that now French government was forced to bypassed that fatal road. Jishnu: Passage du gois? Kalpesh :  the  road is not always passable because high tide submerged the road ( France) .  In Ph it will be read as Passage dugwa. Vehicles there can be seen with boat on top as safety precaution. Jishnu: Are there really unique machines? Kalpesh: Yes they are boring machines, boat , transporters also logging harvester or deforester etc . Jishnu: Are there unique flying machines? Kalpesh: A flying car is one of those. Jishnu: What are the dimensions of intelligence ? Kalpesh: 1. Intellect 2. Identity 3. Memory 4. Citta . Jishnu :what is good about Ed Stafford? Kalpesh: His show on discovery , if you find yourself naked lost in unknown terrain or to survive in the jungles wilderness etc one have to learn to make fire from scratch on different elevations, find food clothing and never get lost. Jishnu : What is with NatGeo Wild? Kalpesh: Lions, crocs, slut, eagle, ants, birds ,elephants, rhino , snakes name it. Birds etc are food for crocs . Racoons love crocs eggs. Tiny crocs are delicacy to raccoons in the rain forests. Jishnu: Singing before meditation what is it? Kalpesh : That is called kiirtan one can use drums , tambourinehand tambourine, guitar, violin, maracas , Portable Electronic R- DrumBongos Drum , copper cymbals and  Djembe Drums .  With that one is ready for kiirtan. Babanamkevalam Kiirtan . Bongos drum , copper cymbal and guitar can already give a sadhaka samadhi, kiirtan purifies the mind .  Djembe drum will add bass on the music it makes people dance. You can wear rudraksha it is good for the health.


13.1 Jishnu : How do you describe a Lion? Kalpesh: 550 lbs. 11 feet long cephalocaudal , biggest cat in Serengeti . They love wildebeest impala and zebra. One male have many queens. Prince are kicked out when they reach sexual maturity .Elephants ,Giraffe and hippo are also included in their diet. The leopard is second big cat. Jishnu: How lions kill wildebeest ? Kalpesh : by suffocating the beast putting the mouth on the beasts nose and mouth or biting the throat. Jishnu : How about cheetah how they hunt? Kalpesh: by running fast and biting the throat of impala and the troop eats fast or the hayenas leopard or lion will steal their food . Gnu is wildebeest or buffalo.  ( Connochaetes taurinus) . Jishnu: 2-3 PM every wed is Ed Stafford. May 29 2019  have you send money to Col financial? Kalpesh: Yeah Ed in Panama, col financial ? Yeah last month. That’s not payment that’s my savings.  The good thing is its there but without my bank it is not possible. Jishnu: What's  on the roof? Kalpesh: Other roofs, clouds and mango. Down are people talking.

13.2 Jishnu: Do you agree with ROTC? Kalpesh: If I am a to be consulted uhm that’s what I called debatable its not for one person to decide. If one ask a person its like a country and no more election. But if yes or no it’s a yes why because even though its hard I've been undergone CMT too and despite of the punch and pain and bad attendance I have perfect attendance those envious officials put one absent to me they planned it badly by pulling me out of the platoon and during attendance I wasn’t there so that’s intentional , one official is so exploiter always have eyes on me and made me a target on couple occasions one is wearing bad uniform and another is bad flag raising. Jishnu: that aint clear but you definitely felt bad. Is Hitler a bad memory too and should be forgotten?  Kalpesh: That is a test for managing your thoughts and emotions or suffer the memory of the past , experience of the present and imagination of the future.  I call it M.E.I. But one can choose to be blissful from within rather than becoming miserable .  Jishnu: What are the alternative for cigars? Kalpesh: Incense the real one ,or  go to the kitchen  cooking have a lot of smoke. Or menthos this candy is okay and makes the breath so fresh. Cigar can cause bad breath. Jishnu: Is ANC okay? Kalpesh: Yes especially when they cover the whole world news and interview popular people. Jishnu: What do you think is the cause of hemorrhoid?  Kalpesh: Red hot chili , hot sit that makes Uranus uncomfortable  usually its bad food spicy bad food. Jishnu: What is the cure? Kalpesh: Just sit on a very cold water add chunk of ice on a basin a or if you have bathtub yes add ice cubes. And never eat again bad food. If people will never learn to do meditation in 2050 all people will be drug dependent , Because people want to work hard and then become affluent, why? For pharmacies, then choice of lifestyle . These present ways are making people dependent on chemicals. If students given free beer in school , that’s what they will drink for the rest of their life. And if you are drunk and if you open a book can you focus on reading to understand it? Do you want your driver high on weeds? Or your surgeon intoxicated while doing surgery? Or your pilot while flying a plane? Next generation should be better than us if we are always on drugs and drunk we will make next generation less quality inferior than us.  Jishnu: Should we become passionate with the environment? Kalpesh: Yes if not we will not have water to drink in the future. Greta Thunberg and others will go out to express their panic on environment turning bad. Jishnu: What can you say about learning it and no practical application? Kalpesh: That's my classmates in college they know , I know attitude  and they want to know more, the problem with that is no practice ,just intellectualization is a bondage impeding the benefits of the practice. If one reads about vegetarianism that’s the beginning, someday they will become vegan ( my term for vegetarian not referring to any vegan groups ) .  Knowing is just the beginning. Practice is the process the consequence is the fruit , nature takes care of that, nature takes care of what is possible and not possible . Great yogis will tell you you have the right for action but no right  to the fruit of the action. Jishnu : The Raptors are back in human form . Kalpesh: That is evolution now they are capable of beating the warriors.  Jishnu: How to protect skin from microbes? Kalpesh: Keep it clean and dry , for the genital areas apply some oil or ointment for lubrication , because skin vs skin rubbing each other also causes friction  it attracts microbes when broken . Perfume protects the skin because insects are so aloof of it . Jishnu: Is a question tool? Kalpesh: Yes to dig deeper into the subject asking is a tool. Inner engineering tools. Jishnu: Clash and cohesion does it pulverize the ego for intellectual development? Kalpesh: Yes exactly good friends will give you tremendous clash that it will be hard to forgive them but it is important for human evolution. Make sure you have constant self restraint. Jishnu : I thought setting aside the memory is the key to get free from bondage? Kalpesh: Yes if one cannot set aside memory it becomes a ones bondage that’s why one should do Isha Kriya: I am not this body I am not even the mind.



Jishnu: What martial arts are your training? Kalpesh: formally tae kwon do ,  tai chi is nice because of breathing a meditation that is moving. Tae kwon do uses punching bag kick pad and it is about kicking it is about hitting the target so one can have points it is sports and tkd  sport is designed to gain point .Unlike boxing ufc muai thai is both gaining point and k.o. of the opponent. I say Tai Chi and Kalaripayet are the coolest martial arts. Its good for the health. Other martial arts are not pro health many have suffered illness because of trauma everywhere. Basically boxing is good exercise but one must use punching bag etc. No need to really beat or harm someone , Tai Chi is developing the natural reflex, If one attacks Tai chi will naturally defend automatically its like the AI of martial arts autoresponse. It targets vital areas so it is not a sport because sports targets only this and that. So many restriction therefore just for tickling  not lethal not  to scare people but to entertain them of  speed technique power discipline and bloody fun. Martial arts Sports is also called bloodsports.


Jishnu: What is lidar? Kalpesh: It is a detector and can make imaging underground. 12-1PM Every Saturday on discovery Ch: Secrets of the underground or Underground secrets. Saturday yes the show is about this machine that can see what is underground. Jishnu: Hows that possible? Kalpesh : The machine can see colors form underground . It has thermal and sound detector in it. An imaging based on sounds and light like colored xrays . Jishnu: Are blackholes gentle? Kalpesh : Nope they are monsters of the universe they are fearsome but are the dark matters in the universe more like a gravity heap  of mass and formed from collapsing of stars the bang image is called supernova and what remains are unseen they call the remains center as blackhole. Jishnu: Who will be the candidates on 2022 election ? Kalpesh : Sara Duterte will support Angara and Du30 will support Cayetano as presidential bid. Also Bato will run for president too. Its just rumors from a site . But its all based on their own words. Jishnu : Another election is coming. Kalpesh: That’s what Im saying , The Philippine presidential and vice presidential elections of 2022 is scheduled to be held on Monday, May 9, 2022, as part of that year's general elections.


Jishnu: What happened when you went to Lumina? Kalpesh: They refresh my knowledge on qualifying buyers. Jishnu: How to qualify them? Kalpesh: Simple they must have 30 % of their income to pay for the house and lot. And the right age. That’s it. Jishnu: That lady next to you whom shes look like? Kalpesh: Denise Richards . Jishnu: Hows Shanghai X games ? Kalpesh : Its always perfect the way they do skating and flying those motorcycles. 

15.1 Jishnu: What kind camera do you want? Kalpesh : That panasonic DVX200 4K  Php 236K is okay. Andoer AC3 4K is cheaper ie Php 9.7K . Jishnu: Why do you want 2TB usb and 3.0? Kalpesh: So I can play games and save many files like videos photos apps anything downloaded. Download the universe the past life and all that is downloadable and worth saving. Jishnu: But some app are just not portable and not playable with usb flashdrive! Kalpesh: I believe everything is playable with usb 3.0 if not that is a stupid app. Jishnu: But some specs aint telling the truth! Kalpesh: Not all.  I will be optimistic in everything. Money and time is life. Intellect is life. Intelligence and consciousness are the boss. Jishnu: Durant why they think he is the warriors advantage? Kalpesh: Yeah get updated with Durant that’s the best thing to do. Warriors forward Kevin Durant (strained right calf) and center DeMarcus Cousins(torn left quadriceps muscle).  Some players are fighter but with injury they give up.

15.2[ 060219] Jishnu: Can corpse  be brought back to life? Kalpesh: Yes it is possible with tantric rituals one ritual make it alive for one hour.That is called surya sparsh . But the full ritual effect is not yet revealed by the master. Talking to spirit is called preta siddhi. Jishnu: How about talking to a friend in different body? Kalpesh: Yeah that’s possible if a friend become a hippo then one can visit him in India or Africa and talk the hippo way. But only few people can understand like that. Jishnu: The pickers what is it all about? Kalpesh: its about buying from collectors from antique to zippo,and reselling it,That’s Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz and Danilelle Colby Cushman . Jishnu: Only rich people can do that! Kalpesh: You have to say it. Jishnu: Ahh that s the line of Kye Kelly of New Orleans! Kalpesh : Yeah those Street Outlaws. Jishnu: Are manatees or sea cow a warning for typhoons? Kalpesh: Yes if one sees it on the seashore. Jishnu: Best ever food review show ? Kalpesh: The  show is about eating and cooking. But for  all around happiness no need for those kind of food. That particular thing is sea urchin meal of Sonny Side . One can just eat seaweeds instead.

Jishnu: Why is Pres Clinton Scandal on History Channel? Kalpesh: It is interesting for some and they think they can get lessons from it the best rectification is never do the same mistakes again.  Pres Clinton Impeached that’s what its all about! Jishnu: Sonny Side showed some endangered giant salamander in China how's China today? Kalpesh: China have more time for music and sports now they have more income and richer. China will become best in football and skiing in the olympic Korea on Golf . Online literature is their national passion in China and cosplay . Jishnu: I thought cosplay is Japanese fashion show? Kalpesh: Nope its like basketball is NBA now we have PBA, US baseball now Japanese baseball , Ph baseball etc that’s  sports, science sports selling all begins with letter S. S anything that is so from  heights or on high level like space , Shiva Samadhi etc… Jishnu: Shiva Samadhi? Kalpesh: That’s the feeling when you want to please the living cosmos in human form and to please that by doing service to humanity and Unification with Supreme consciousness like a drop of water dropped in the ocean of consciousness and one become the ocean (union, Unification , merged ) .Jishnu: How to serve humanity? Kalpesh: There are four ways 1 is through labor ( helping by using physical strength) 2. intellect ( being a teacher , an engineer , in the  govt or private office etc) 3. courage ( being a soldier etc) 4. financial   ( merchant, banker, an employer etc)  . Jishnu : do you want the tools for Life or the source of life? Kalpesh: Both are important Jishnu: 1-2PM Sunday is about Ancient Aliens in Japan. What is your view about it? Kalpesh: All were written all we need to do is seek the truth. There were goggle eyed , turtle face, tarsier face being if one will visit Ph we have tarsier here. Humans evolved from tarsiers. That’s evolution. Evolution is universal before automobile looks different , before mobile phone looks basic, now it is multitasking. Before humans can think of black and white TV only, But now it evolves into its present design. It is design that is evolving. But if they would say there are colored TV 7000 years ago we can finally say that we are all recycled from a destroyed modern civilization reduced to crudeness and again going to more subtle ways back to the ancient time, but that is not the case. The living cosmos have cosmic will and that cosmic will example is the gravity. Another are poured into human beings (the mahat). Now humans can be anything. In case of tigers they are not tiger beings , tiger cant be accountants, engineers , astronauts etc, but humans can be whatever, a guru, an engineer , a driver, a universal man , a cosmic man a superman etc… Jishnu : But why flying saucers , flying disks , vimala ? Kalpesh: Yeah its real you can find them in Japan and Indian writings, sculptures on temples and history channel no other place on earth you can picture them. Alien things are so ancient those ideas are first written in the Mahabharata. How to make laser and spaceship are even explained there. They have anti gravity element and technology. Now with TV and google YouTube etc everyone can make drawings animations and photos about anything. Even movies about anything, half the world think its real some believe is just a movie. It depends on how they have access on that topic by a documentary or movie it will have different impact. One can see documentaries are more realistic than a movie not knowing they are not different. Theists and atheists are not different the bottom line is they are both  believers not seekers . Capitalism came first because not everyone can have capital at that time. Today everyone can have capital even a poor man can have capital and end up a billionaire. At that time some people reacted to capitalism and until now their complaints are echoing ,now its called communism. The problem is that only poor people talks about communism at that time and they want to share what they don’t have. If peace and sharing things are backed up by superpowers and rich it will succeed.

Are you capable of exuding grace?


You see the tree you throw filth in it it gives fragrance

You may be not in grace or in grace

But are you capable of exuding grace?


We eulogize too much that river water is going to the sea

Nope river is not going to the sea

It has its own qualities and characteristics

Water finds its own level

Water go always downward

But is also capable of going upward

Some believe the stillness of water will give peace

Water knows nothing about peace it is inanimate thing

If I throw stone on that water your peace is finished

Some say going up to mountain is peace

That is business of too many disturb mind

Wherever you are you can be peaceful

You can have peace unless you make a mess in your life



Water is grace H2O Is grace

If you have taken water then you can exude grace!


Newton saw the apple fall because of gravity

But he never seen the tree grown completely

That is against the gravity upwards


Bounty of life are only for those who are able respond

Whose ability to respond is there


 You may be good man

But if you don’t water the plant it may die'

You may be a bad man

But if you water the plant it will grow

Being good or bad is just social significance




16.1 Success for others means

enjoying failure of others that is sickness


Others think

I am the fastest runner

Because others are  have no legs

That is sickness


Those who drives dream car

Are they exuding with joy? No

Unless the car is stolen there is joy!


What will happen to you

Must be determined by you

Outside people will tell you what will happen to you

In school someone is guiding you

But outside is different


Who am I?

Is a question only you can answer

If I tell you who you are

You may believe or disbelieve it

And you will only missed the point


Others will tell who you are

You are this and that

And you are in cloud 9

At home they will tell who you really are


It is better that you are failure In this life

Because your dream is so big

That it cannot be done in this lifetime

Blissed out failure is okay

Than Miserable success


-JV AKA Sadhguru in Bangalore


16.2 Relationships are formed because of so many needs

There are no right person

There is no such thing


The soulmate business

People believe God have one soulmate

For everyone

Now every 3 years he got soulmate

Obviously God is making too many mistakes to you

Soul doesn’t need a mate

Involvement is the key


Attraction of boys and girls

Because they are different

After few days they will

Expect them to be like them

Nobody is like you

Don’t expect others will become like you


What can I get?

Most people are like that

It should be

What can I create?


Jishnu: What is Gold rush all about? Kalpesh: It is about gold in the glory hole.

Glory hole are slopes where gold are carried by flowing water and then accumulated in that place for years and now it is covered with earth. Jishnu: Is gold rare? Kalpesh: It is abundant in Alaska Philippines India California Australia New Guinea etc Jishnu: Diamonds where can we find diamonds

Kalpesh : In the planet Neptune. Diamonds there are like hailstorm. And even like Icebergs. An industrial scale size. Neptune derived heat from diamonds.

Jishnu: Ed Stafford in Siberia? Kalpesh: Ed went to that huge fire eagle's nest he got frostbite , in Ed Harris movie The Way Back  some injured people sit down and they got frozen when they look at them again. Siberia have lots of gold. Like Alaska. Fire Eagle Nest is just a natural formation and it is a difficult journey to go there  , bears are roaming the area and everything can freeze literally. Its minus 30 temp at night . But Ed's tea is hot the next morning .



 Jishnu : What is that motorcycle use in ghost rider? Kalpesh: It is a chopper( custom motorcycle) modified ( chopped ) . The kind of design started in 1950's before 1950's the looks are different its not like that and in 1960 the movies easy rider , then 2007 Ghost rider with Nicolas Cage then The American Chopper at present at Discovery Channel Starring Hudson, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Jr. are among the casts. They are the best on that. Jishnu: How about Kindig Custom? Kalpesh: Dave Kindig and his team fabricator, engineer, welder, are the deities there.



Jishnu:  Trans Am what is it all about? Kalpesh: Reviving Pontiac designs. Jishnu: Escobar what happened to him? Kalpesh : Rumors says he shot himself on that roof. Finally they got his body lifeless. Jishnu: In Xgames why did you say that flying their bikes perfectly when the landing should be perfect too ? Kalpesh: Yeah it should be like that in Sydney. Motorbikes are like kite in the sky. Jishnu : Is there a Paymaya Raffle Draw date? Kalpesh Yes June 18 2019 3PM. 



 Jishnu: Hows Curry?


Kalpesh: At this moment he got 45 points and counting 113-101 


     Alfonzo on free throw


     Final is 123 109


Jishnu: how fast is Curry ?


Kalpesh: Super fast!


Jishnu: How'  s Lowry?


Kalpesh: He is working hard on his biceps


Jishnu: His 3 points hows it possible?


Kalpesh: He jumps and quick release the ball thats it


Jishnu:Why GS get dominated by the Raptors?


Kalpesh: The speed is lacking if their speed is the same 


    with Curry and the shooting power chances are.     


Jishnu: How it's made? It seems technology are everywhere machines


     replaced manual processings and manufacturing!


Kalpesh:Machines are extension of human hand and cpu is extension of


       human brain. Nanotechnology are shrinking IC, mechanical parts


       etc into microns.


Jishnu:What is the smallest object on earth?


Kalpesh: Photons photons are what makes up light even the smallest


    object in electron microscope is with light other wise


    it would be dark matters , we are inside a blackhole anyway.


    But thats a joke smallest things are microvita.


Jishnu: Light and darkness what is with this two?


Kalpesh: They are like lights and shadows. Umbra and penumbra of knowledge.


Jishnu: Umbra and penumbra are lines of Shrii Shrii A.


Kalpesh: Yes in his effort to make people aware being intellectual


   using it for the good of society extra psychic effort thats makes you


   one of 1% of thinking people. 


Jishnu:But intellect is just one of dimensions of intelligence!


Kalpesh:Yes but its more accessible more scope than other dimensions


   for example your genetic memory can you share that to social media?


   yes others will say Oh She is Afro American! But if you write something


   it will be Oh He/She said this and that, He/She made an statement


Jishnu: What if you are not the body and you are not the mind?


Kalpesh: The Isha Kriya thing? Its Bhutta Shuddhi you have to go back


   home for shelter , Our body is our home , Isha Kriya is a walk in the park.


Jishnu: Thats important!


Kalpesh: Yes getting locked up for a long time you will appreciate the stars


     and the sky at night! Try it for yourself stay at least 3 days underground!


Jishnu: Hobo Ahle how is she?


Kalpesh: She talks about dating, She is getting more self centered nowadays


   if one is self centered one will exagerate things always I , Me MIne I me 


   mine, If ones mind is largely occupied by I Me Mine that becomes a bondage.


   Dating is about You and I not I Me Mine.But since America is a giant land


   its nice to live in an RV. Had she inspired people to plant trees then 


   she might be like Sadhguru now a tree lover . Many people are aware that


   Avatar movie is metaphor of humanity we are inside a huge tree.Without that


   tree we are nothing. 


Jishnu: Then what are you God Centered or Self Centered?


Kalpesh: I am just relevant Relevance is better


  Humans like us are responsible for everything , what is the use of planning


  if we will rely on uncertain future?  That Divine Being is inside us turning


  vegetables, bread, and everything into human being . If you can make a human


  out of bagle, pancake, mix vegetables , fruits what are you? Divinity is on


  earth do not export them to heaven even Jesus Christ said heaven is within


  you! A complete life is life and death that is a complete cycle. Death is


  compassion what if you will not die at all? You will become like AgastiMuni


  he lived for 4000 years . It may be 40 or 400 or 4000 why because Indians


  invented zeros and they use zeros liberally! 


Jishnu: Is egg vegan?


Kalpesh: Nope a huge vegan group is telling no to egg. Its not vegan. 


  Potato is no pranic food. One should eat food with life force like coconut


  ash gourd , apple, honey, cereals if possible. Vegetarianism is also


  a belief system , but one must seek the truth also.Is meat really causing


  hypertension and cancer because of too much protein? To find out one must make an articulate 


  research. Thats where experience becomes relative why experience something stupid?


  Freedom is not a philosophy it is


  a consequence. Non vegan diet one must not become lazy, the problem is


  non vegan makes people more lazy because of hormones from pig and chicken


  they are locked up confined in limited space no activites but eat and sleep the kind of 


  hormone that will program DNA and in the genes its made up of DNA


 .Genes are altered depending on the activity if one go to space genetic engineered 


  itself to adapt on new environment. space environment, mars environment etc.


  Like most lovers on their orgasms they are wealthy , but when orgasms subsides


  they are back to being laborers.Buy me this pink clear shampoo winston cigar


  and ice cubes thats the reality in Ph.


Jishnu: What else she demands?


Kalpesh: A new electric meter and more cigar. A pet dog and love. 


   A love that is at the same time a livelihood. Thats a relationship


   it is because of needs financial needs , physical needs, basic needs


   , whatever needs. 


Jishnu: With multiple partners?


Kalpesh: There are 100,000 kinds of people personalities there are avengers, mutants


  superhumans , commoners, but they are actually 5 in categories laborers,


  intellectuals, militants , business class if you combined them all it is called




Jishnu: How to become a sadvipra?


Kalpesh: You should have those four qualities and special lesson or Vaeshyas Yoga


  that is kapalika sadhana. 


Jishnu: But those yoga retreats cost $2000 to $6000


Kalpesh: Anything with quality is not cheap


Jishnu: Yoga retreats I found out they are teachers of Yoga with 10 years experience.


Kalpesh: Yes its like a ten year old is teaching you how to do mining in Alaska


    Length of time of yoga practice counts. Its like you will become an engineer of life.


Jishnu: Biological engineer?


Kalpesh: Social Engineer - yoga is about harmony and success if 7 Billion people


    participates thats amazing!


Jishnu: I think thats why I exist or I exist thats why I think ?


Kalpesh : I exist thats why I think. 


Jishnu: Hows Gold Rush Alaska?


Kalpesh: They are team no matter how much disagreement they have


   they know that finding gold needs teamwork and not giving up!


   The plant runs like a cadillac after a week of fixing it. Thats


   they are earning $10K a day and they dont give me a dime. 


Jishnu : You are not around you should get involved!


Kalpesh: Not involved? Thats unfair! Got ya!


Jishnu: Sahara desert where is it?


Kalpesh: Its there somewhere when Lord Krsna use a huge fireball that desert was created


Jishnu: and you call that part of history? 


Kalpesh: Mythology if you want, but with metaphor of geology. 


Jishnu Where is Zambia?


Kalpesh: Africa 


Jishnu: Flat land but aint desert!


Kalpesh: Zambezi river is wide. 


Jishnu: What is the score in Zambezi fishing?


Kalpesh: The danger in boat from crushing bite from hippo 


Jishnu: Kalabo national park what is the requirement?


Kalpesh: There are lions there you need a guard with gun


    a warning shot for lions.Kalabo is an African National Park 


jishnu: That Lion named Christian he is so like a human friend!


Kalpesh: Because he is also attached to them Lions can develop attachment too, they are mammals!


Jsihnu: Tiger cannot be trusted!


Kalpesh : Yes they are wild at heart like Lion you can find tigers in Bengal, Sumatra , US


   any country with Zoo. 


Jishnu: What is being a nurse?


Kalpesh: Its a lifestyle 


Jishnu: Why most places in Africa Ed S cant be alone?


Kalpesh: Africa have lions Ed S can be an easy meal to them they think


     And in africa theres a lot of tribal laws it is illegal to do anything.


     One must ask a local and do not mess with them , Remember that


     Chinese man he spend a lot of money for those wooden fence it takes the


     whole Chinaman's budget to do it. Africa is expensive dangerous but


     mesmerizng like jurasic park.There is something  with African chiefs


     its a perception that they dont explore and one should not explore it.


     Like you dont go to everest without sherpas. Which is good. 


Jishnu: Where are the giants?


Kalpesh: Giants are real they are found in NBA.


Jishnu: What are those giants that live on the very deep places on earth ?


Kalpesh: They are rare, they can camoufladge themselves one cant see them


    even small beings will look like a stone but its not, its from that world


    a dimension for them unique beings. There are lonely places you can feel


   their presence where it is like wonderland there are Moai and those trees.


   You know what the truth is ? Most real giants are extinct already.One is 18 ft


   like two storey building.


Jishnu: does it mean aliens are extinct too? 


Kalpesh: Its just time time can do things


    but time doesnt affect anything.Aliens loves ice cream.




Jishnu: Strip the cosmos talks about holographic theory?


Kalpesh: If you listen very hard blackholes sucks


Jishnu: Holographic principles?


Kalpesh: It says at first there was a so thin disc of black and white


    that became a 3 D ball with microwave background and explodes again that


    microwave background they learned that from satelite. REd is cold blue is




Jishnu: What about lime green?


Kalpesh: Idk



       Now holographics universe is the framework that holographic gravity


    is the puppetteer and the universe is the puppet . Spiral holograhic galaxies


    doesnt require dark matter. 


Jishnu: We are living in a hologram?


Kalpesh: Yes a holographic universe.



   Jishnu:   Forty feet below two million pounds are buried !


Kalpesh: thats curse of Oak island. They claimed that that block of stone


  writings means that. 


Jishnu: Why is it flooded with sea water?


Kalpesh: They got piece of wood that means they found the tunnel of Shaft 6.


      Those tunnels are prone to flood because its next to the sea 


Jishnu: Is there really a treasure there?


Kalpesh: Yes there are treasures there they found already gold coins, cross, woods, 


  skeleton, jar, and eureka events not seen on camera that adds up to history no doubt. Viewers can learn clues


  symbols and archeology. What is beautiful there is that, the hunts continues.




Jishnu : Do you like Korean Celebrities ?


Kalpesh: They dance  they sing lovely nice show.


Jishnu: Show like what?


Kalpesh: Kpop


Jishnu: Chinese have Cpop and even culture of Kung Fu 


Kalpesh: Yeah thats why we are going to China and Korea and do what a tourists do.


Jishnu: As tourist or OFW? 


Kalpesh: both will do


JishnuL After paying the SSS what is next?


Kalpesh: Joystick gaming mouse and usb hub 3.0 and bicycle wheels.Lets warcraft starcraft


       sims 4 ,CS, and GTA5




Jishnu: And the tree house master what are the updates?


Kalpesh: a tree house is the next level Some country have to plant trees




Jishnu: But America have lot of trees. 


Kalpesh: And not all places have those trees , some cut trees and never saw a tree house in their




Jishnu: They have seen one but not really owned one


Kalpesh: Without care bugs will be there and 


    without a budget a tree house is not like in the tree house masters


Jishnu: Yeah those are for celebrities


Kalpesh: Yeah tree house is like a chopper , like trans am , kindig custom 


       customized house car motorcycle are not for everyone. 


Jishnu: Whats with Laguna de bay smelly moss?


Kalpesh: Those are chemicals from carelessness about garbage disposal of families living there and factories obviously.




Jishnu: What factories?


Kalpesh: Bad factories that throw garbage


Jishnu:Garbage again?


    Always garbage thats old song already


Kalpesh: Then dont blame the garbage blame it on people who are throwing garbage


Jishnu: I wonder why they are aware or not aware both and they dont do anything?


Kalpesh: They are doing their part but for social importance only it should be for 


    their own humanity. If one have bubble gum or candy wrap one should not throw it


    anywhere one should not spit anywhere. Will you throw candy wrappers in your own house?


    or bubble gum on your own floor or cigar butt? Public and private places should be treated as


    ones own house.If one carries garbage dont leave it ,throw it on garbage can.






Jishnu: Humans are like battery?


Kalpesh: Yes it has an expiry too


Jishnu: What to drink to become super human?




Kalpesh:Coffee and dont forget to add 99 sugar


Jishnu: No white sugar?


Kalpesh: Just 99 sugar from Ph


Jishnu: And what is the coffee brand ?


Kalpesh:Great taste, Kopiko 


Jishnu: Those are stimulants


Kalpesh: Yes thats what people buy 


Jishnu: What is Nile croc and big alligator?


Kalpesh: The latter is bigger 14 ft and more


Jishnu: Tegu Lizards are they Argentenian?


Kalpesh: Speaking of Identity yes they will eat any egg of other reptiles even croc egg.


      You dont have to worry about them if you are not living near the swamps.


Jishnu: So lions are in Africa and Tigers are in India


Kalpesh: Not anymore they are in Siberia ,The US and around the world


Jishnu: Alone in Vancouver?


Kalpesh: People will go anyway even children will go away if they have their own lives


       unless they are like some Filipino family but not all,  is like your Self


       your own being is family not total alone for a year or more. Being alone


       that's not humanity we are  social beings.


Jishnu: But Some been alone for many years or never speak for years


Kalpesh:Thats the next level when you are alone


Jishnu: You want to be like that?


Kalpesh: Thats a privilege its not for everyone


        Most of the times being alone you can learn things, but you have to report to 


       your master to ask things, most questions can be learned from teachers not by Oneself


       Like you can learn ABC alphabet in a lifetime


       But a teacher can teach it for just 3 months.


Jishnu:You have deleted your words about Avidia and about Him?


Kalpesh: Yes and those shopping lists its private if they will learn about that they may


     or may not rectify that person or  donate who cares?


Jishnu:I do care, is gold always associated with curse?


Kalpesh: They made that up gold is an inanimate thing and know nothing about curse!


      Only human beings are capable of anything , and its just that mining and treasure hunting is


      is a risky business one can be poisoned , tunnels could cave in ,


      equipments can cause anything and they curse each other on process


      but do high five when they got ounces to gold bars. Thats the way it is.


      Some wants bigger and new properties like fisher man the whole sea is not enough to them


      its hard for them to share same areas. 


Jishnu:Who invented conveyor belts?


Kalpesh:In 1905 Richard Sutcliffe invented the first conveyor belts for use in coal mines which revolutionized the mining industry.


Jishnu:Who invented cranes ?


Kalpesh:Sir William Armstrong, inventor of the hydraulic crane. It has so many types like lifter, all terrain, tower,aereal etc


Jishnu: 5300 ounces of gold?


Kalpesh:6 Million dollars


Jishnu: Is that accurate?


Kalpesh: Not today, just to give you quantitative idea.


Jishnu : quantum mechanics and astrophysics what are they?




Kalpesh: Are sciences that is not bookish science is not a piece of book that when the school is over science  subj is over


       Science is endless like engineering is endless .So many procedures and many are coming. Be process oriented


       than goal oriented. One will enjoy the work more.


        Astrophysics is the branch of astronomy that employs the principles of physics and chemistry


     "to ascertain the nature of the astronomical objects, rather than their positions or motions in space".


      Among the objects studied are the Sun, other stars, galaxies, extrasolar planets, the interstellar medium and the


      cosmic microwave background. Emissions from these objects are examined across all parts of the electromagnetic 


      spectrum, and the properties examined include luminosity, density, temperature, and chemical composition. Because astrophysics


     is a very broad subject, astrophysicists apply concepts and methods from many disciplines of physics, including classical


     mechanics, electromagnetism, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, relativity, nuclear and particle physics, 


      and atomic and molecular physics.


       Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics relating to the very small. 




     It results in what may appear to be some very strange conclusions about the physical world. At the scale of atoms and 


     electrons, many of the equations of classical mechanics, which describe how things move at everyday sizes and speeds, 


     cease to be useful. In classical mechanics, objects exist in a specific place at a specific time. However, in quantum


     mechanics, objects instead exist in a haze 


     of probability; they have a certain chance of being at point A, another chance of being at point B and so on.


     Quantum mechanics and nanotech are applied Microvitum


     But one should see both the goal and the process. If one


       dont see the goal there will be no direction. If one can have exposure from age of six to different fields then their potentials will be awaken.


      . Age 6-12 they can choose their field of interests -but 13 and above one


       must focus on specialization so that countires will produce specialists. No need to disturb them with other non sense subjects .


       If one has interest in English Literature so be it. If one loves baseball then do baseball. But focus should be on baseball ,


       same with basketball, crickets, football


       and so on , music , arts, Kalarepayatu , Yoga , Sanskrit, English, and other must be hands on line visiting or having 


       educational tour on banks, offices and institutions. 








Jishnu: Cody and Joe in Chilean volcanic desert?


Kalpesh:The place is like Mars on earth.


Jishnu:Why is Cody dont want to drink urine?


Kalpesh: Because he is okay without it.


Jishnu: How they behave together?


Kalpesh: Cody find that beans a blessing 


Jishnu: But in the snow land they are having strong disagreement


Kalpesh: Yes and Llamas can be domesticated


Jishnu: Marooned with Ed S in Rowandan Savana Africa?


Kalpesh: Thats courage and catfish is the staple diet in those places.


    I recall those naked and afraid casts eat catfish too


    Impala and boar meat is so rare. Though its all around them. 



Cnbites 16.4


Jishnu: Who is Dharma Mere and Sumitra?


Kalpesh: They are the Talk Ph hosts behind the camera


Jishnu: How many chakras ?


Kalpesh: 112 plus 2 the two is special


Jishnu: How to enhance and change the solar system?


Kalpesh: Nope we cant we just need 21 Chakras


     we can be complete human beings. The remaining


    chakras are not human anymore in different dimensions.


Jishnu:Shatra or Chitra Sanyasis?


Kalpesh: Those who are staying in one place like a 


         coconut tree and still in condusive mode. 




Jishnu: What is a cocoon of energy?


Kalpesh: Its like not being affected by sorroundings 


    for example submarine have their own pressure


    not affected by the sea.


Jishnu:How to have receptivity?


Kalpesh: Get a radio


Jishnu: 63 sages what is it?


Kalpesh: if you have 63 chakras you are a sage


     if you have 108 means you are there


     if you have 114 you are complete.


Jishnu: What is light?


Kalpesh: It means something is burning even in the sun or


    light bulb something is burning. 


Jishnu: What is occult?


Kalpesh: It is a technology a tool 


Jishnu:  Trishula?


Kalpesh: Trident  It means three dimensions


     1 Yourself 2 your well being and 3 what you know and what you


      do not know .What you dont know rules.


      also Physical Psychic and spiritual




Jishnu: How many petals in each chakras?


Kalpesh: 1 Muladhara 4 petals 2 Svadhistana 6 petals


        3 Manipura 10 petals  4 Anahata 12 petals


        5 Vishudddha 16 petals 6 Ajina 2 petals 7 


        Sahasrara 1000 petals


Jishnu: There must be meaning on each petals?


Kalpesh:Yes it has meaning ,a theory out of practice 


Jishnu: Which came first theory or practice?


Kalpesh: Practice, in Tantra Yoga its always the practice first


        if  theory first thats a disaster


        If at first your theory says Daet river is river of milk


        then people will think of cheese milk powder dessert business


        but in reality Daet river is no milk its just water and water lily


Jishnu: Pete of tree house masters ?


Kalpesh: Name that carpenter game is funny.


        Trees can recharge humans, like mobile phone needs charger


        If you touch a tree you will feel the energy increases


        The tree is the extension of the lungs a natural oxygen giver


Jishnu: Back to the chakras I notice there are 50 petals


Kalpesh: Yes that also represents 50 vrttis propensities expressed in ten directions in and out 


         that 50 x2= 100 x 10=1000 petals


Jishnu : Can you enumerate the 50 vrttis propensities?






The terranean plexus or muladhara cakra


1 dharma  [psycho-spiritual longing ]         va


2 artha   [ psychic longing ]                 sha


3 kama    [ physical longing ]                s'a


4 moksa   [ spiritual longing ]               sa


The fluidal plexus or svadhistana cakra




1 Avajina      [ belittlement of others]       ba


2 murccha      [ psychic stupor lack of        


              common sense ]                   bha


3 prashraya    [ indulgence ]                  ma


4 avishvasa    [ lack of confidence]           ya


5 sarvanasha   [ thought of sure 


                 annihilation ]                ra


6 krurata      [ cruelty ]                     la




The igneous plexus or manipura cakra




1. lajja     [ shyness,shame ]                 da    


2. pishunata [ sadistic tendency]              dha


3. iirsa     [ envy]                           na 


4. susupti   [staticity sleepiness ]           ta


5. visada    [ melancholia]                    tha


6. kasaya    [ peevishness]                    da  


7. trsna     [ yearning for acquisition ]      dha       


8. moha      [ infatuation  ]                  na


9. ghrna     [ hatred revulsion ]              pa  


10. bhaya    [ fear ]                          pha




The solar plexus




1.Asha        [ hope ]                         ka      


2.cinta       [ worry ]                        kha


3.cesta       [ effort]                        ga


4.mamata      [ mine ness love]                gha


5.dambha      [ vanity ]                       una


6.viveka      [ conscience discrimination ]    ca


7.vikalata    [ mental numbness due to fear ]  cha   


8.ahamkara    [ ego  ]                         ja  


9.lolata      [ avarice ]                      jha      


10.kapatata   [ hypocrisy ]                    ina      


11.vitarka    [ argumentativeness to the point ta         


               of wild exaggeration ]                 


12.anutapa    [ repentance]                    tha




The sidereal plexus or vishudha cakra




1 sadaja   [sound of peacock ]                 a  


2 rsabha   [sound of bull or ox ]              a


3 gandhara [ sound of goat ]                   i


4 madhyama [ sound of deer ]                   ii


5 paincama [ sound of cuckoo ]                 u


6 daevata [ sound of donkey ]                  uu


7 nisada   [  sound of elephant ]              r


8 onm      [ accoustic root of creation  ]     rr   


9 hummm    [ sound of arousing kulakundalini ] lr 


10 phat    [ practication ]                    lrr


           ie putting a theory into practice


11 vaosat  [ expression of mundane knowledge ]  e


12 vasat   [ welfare in the subtler sphere ]    ae


13 svaha   [ performing noble actions   ]       o 


14 namah   [ surrender to the supreme ]         ao 


15 visa    [ repulsive expression]              am


16 amrta   [ sweet expression ]                 ah




The lunar plexus of ajina cakra




1 Apara  [ mundane knowledge ]                  ksa


2 para   [ spiritual knowledge ]                ha






Jishnu: Is there really 114 chakras?


Kalpesh: Nope only seven, the petals are many


Jishnu: Where did you get the 114?


Kalpesh: from Sadhguru the problem is that it was not specified


      He just gave 114. 


      One thing for sure is that a single


      atom is made up of billions of microvita and that


      human beings have 1000 propensities and counting. 


      Shivas teachings sometimes 7 sometime 108 and so on


      it depends on who wrote the eBook but Shiva have


      7 teachings for sure. Some thinks Lord Shivas teaching


      is like bottomless pit just pure consciousness


      to create something one needs shakti the force of Shiva


      That makes you think


      evolution progress and changes 


      are endless it doesnt end


      look at the creation it is creating


      new mobile phone, new cars


      new space shuttles and more physics tools


      Buddhism is like a pit scientifically constructed


      While Lord Shiva is like a bottomless pit the universe itself


Jishnu: Last night you were talking of Los Angeles Angels and CSC


Kalpesh: Yes thats MLB


Jishnu: 1233 JGF got eLoad


Kalpesh: But trans reference not yet received maybe something is wrong


       with Globe now and Smart telecom last night.After 15 minutes 


       its done.


Jishnu: You want to talk of Game 5 review?


Kalpesh: Lowry look at his left 


Jishnu: Is your facial expression like that after you missed an important shot?


Kalpesh: If I am Lowry yes


Jishnu: What is psychic and spiritual?


Kalpesh: They are like aqua and water


      different words but the same meaning


      psyche means mind spirit means mind


      what is the difference with that?


Jishnu: But there are layers of the mind like banana blossom others


      says its banana flower


Kalpesh : Yes it like banana flower thats what Im talking about


Jishnu: And what are the layers of the mind?And what is mind?


Kalpesh: Mind is the subtlest form of matter


      The mind will not exist without the 50 propensities in the Cakras


       It has 5 layers 1Conscious 2 Subconscious 3 creative 4 Intuitive 5 Super Consciousness


      In Sanskrit its Kosas 


Jishnu: I want it in Sanskrit not in English


Kalpesh:  You have to train hard and learn Sanskrit 


Jishnu: Jackson Strong ?



Kalpesh:Try standing on a flying motorcycle do the somersault thats him.


How to play fb chess 26 techniques

1. Attack is the best defence

2. Learn the attack and defense

3. Combine the queen and bishop and back to horse teamwork develop it

4. Support each pieces

5. Know the consequences of your moves  

6. Prepare the pieces in the beginning

7. Know the objective of the enemy and the unk objectives or unconscious consquences

8. Move it to a place each piece and there are two things to happen it will stay or be taken

9. If you move one piece does it support another piece?

10. Look in every corner of the board each piece

11. Be advanced 3 to 5 moves 3 is okay you are AI level 25

12. Know  what to avenge when a thing is taken get immediate revenge  attack the weakest

     do not betray any mistake

13. Sacrificing means deceive the opponent by giving it something to be taken 

14. Beware of pawns being given it may be a trap for openning and bad

15. Moves are unk or known conscious or a gamble unconscious move is the worst.

16. Practice and learn each lesson

    1.0 the lesson in life of chess is not to make conclusion

    2.0 Chess is not a conclusion it has always a way of computing calculating algebraic moves

17.Time attack means pieces plus time and thats the opponent too.

    - look at all around the chess board all pieces not only one

      but have also a focus while maintaining control

18. Most time attack are draw

19 Ask yourself 

        a. can playing many times with many opponents helps improves ones playing skills?


         - woman can be strong and sharp most of the time if they have 1500 and above points

         - gender is not an issue in chess its unisex

        b. Is pmis not enough and needs repeatitions or mastery?

        c. Does one need engines eBooks videos to learn get inspired and open the eyes to

           many chess dimensions and possibilities?

20. Dont move your piece in a wrong place look at knights bishop before you do anything

     see what are each opponents pieces objectives.

21. Some moves are in your favor but you forgot it or you might overlook it

22. You will laugh when the opponent is not seeing that your queen( or any official) is can be taken

 no support and he didnt

    take it 

     -draw is when the two of you have the same points 

     - mistakes and dullness are synonymous 

     -wrong moves have many reason one is thoughtlessness ie I thought that was King !

     - winning means things are on your favor

     - aggressiveness is a result of winning

     - too much play and no break weaken the defense so have some recharging by resting have a break

     - and time may be on your side or not if not you may have advantage but time will get in the way 

          1.0 Time can be consciously being counted and draw can be on purpose or just coincidence

          2.0 being taken eaten is a mistake dont be greedy again look at all pieces fast

              look with understanding the obj of the opponent fast.

     - draw feels like winning or losing but in reality its neither

23. There something about the more you think of chess the more it become complex

24. There is something with sacrifice

   - horse sacrifice to have that rook is another advantage with time attack on your side.

     1.0 Another time is the time which one play is it after midnight?

     2.0 opponents skills are great on this time of the day and 

     3.0 make sure to identify pieces and use mouse perfectly

     4.0 if internet is lost so are you

     5.0 chess winning online is largely about computer and internet    

25. mistakes happens again and again and again in chess if you dont make mistakes you are level 25 AI

26. Do it all 1-25 fast or time will attack you. The unseen opponent for both players.

      -time expired means youre dead , if youre time expired you lost

Jishnu: Who discovered Ketokonazole?

Kalpesh: Jannsen Laboratory 1976  developed by Paul Jannsen 1976 in Belgium

Jishnu: That’s antifungi !


Ketoconazole shampoo in conjunction with an oral 5α-reductase inhibitor such as finasterideor dutasteride has been used off label to treat androgenic alopecia. The antifungal properties of ketoconazole reduce scalp microflora and consequently may reduce follicular inflammation that contributes to alopecia.[21]

Limited clinical studies suggest ketoconazole shampoo used either alone[22][23] or in combination with other treatments[24] may be useful in reducing hair loss.


Jishnu: LS BL is the soap is BL stands for Belgium? because it was discovered there!

Kalpesh: It could be. But LS BL is made in Caloocan City Metro Manila.


Jishnu: July 1 2019

Kalpesh: That date is a great day and will not comeback ever

Jishnu: How come time is passing by how to utilize time?

Kalpesh: Does things ,all things, have time in it ?if the time expires it will

   be useless. Do not pursue happiness happiness is not a pursuit its

   a consequences of your good deeds.

Jishnu: You said,  everyone should be happy

Kalpesh: that’s what Im saying

Jishnu: Is attracting things will help one ? Or making a wishing board

    put all material things photos there and after some time all will become

    real? Is this the process of making tools for that?

Kalpesh: Yes , some just want to have babies like in San Roque , Mercedes

    you cant do cycling easily its over crowded there, population is like 75%      children. There's nothing like that in Camarines Norte.

Jishnu: What will happen to those children after 18 to 21 years?

Kalpesh: They will become the labor force of our country so they

   need to become sadvipras

Jishnu: You mean a combination of intellectual soldier merchant and

 laborer in one person?

Kalpesh: Yes that’s sadvipra literally means an intellectual who is always


Jishnu: But over population is bad!

Kalpesh: Nope someone is just not happy someone is being born , they think

    its bad because their economy will be affected.

Jishnu : Do you want a bigger population?

Kalpesh: A healthy strong population not crippled by drugs, alcohol and bad.

    That’s why there is sadvipra samaj.

Jishnu: Come on sadvipras are vegan and not easy! Only 1 in a million can

   do intense meditation, sacrifice,fasting and vegan diet.

Kalpesh: Everyone must become sadvipra there is no choice it can be hard

   but a complete life is being born and die that’s one complete cycle

   and being alive is just part of that full cycle. Death is compassion . Stages

   of realization are 5 in number and each is in no way easy.

Jishnu: Can you expound that? some may want a clear explanation.

Kalpesh: No need to expound that if one will contemplate on that

    thoughts will come , 10 more questions will arise in the mind that’s

    how the brain functions. But the 5 stages of realization is something.

    They are also called salvation 

 There are five kinds of mukti ( salvation)— sayujya, sarupya, salokya, samipya and sarsti. 

Jishnu : I thought they were 6?

Kalpesh: 6 stands for six spokes of society 

     Tantrathoughts have info on that

Jishnu : What happened when you return your order to Lazada?

Kalpesh: You have to wait when the seller received the item and

   when Lazada give seller due date to give back your money to your Lazada

   wallet read more on billease . Wait for 25 days or more.

Jishnu: How's the road to MCN?

Kalpesh: At SR from DCN its widened but the kind of widened that is not even

Jishnu: What else?

Kalpesh: Lights are off only the boulevard have lights how come?

Jishnu: What happened ?? Does solar power have black out too?

Kalpesh: Yes but nope SR Is not solar powered its traditional

        caops street light a formula for dark streets

Jishnu: What month are frogs in their multitude?

Kalpesh: May

Jishnu: What about the moon why is it red ?

Kalpesh: The sun gave it red color last July 3 maybe

Jishnu: What about in Mt Mayon the sky is red ?

Kalpesh: It is the sun that gives that color blue red orange are from the sun

       orange sky or like wine color are active at dawn and sunset. Blue in the morning and


Jishnu: More than this - a song that is from One direction  six years ago

        somewhere with their timeline

Kalpesh: 6- 10 years before I can appreciate a song. And decades before

       I can understand the meaning of the song. A song is a mystical tool.

Jishnu: Which song?

Kalpesh: Maybe this time, four strong wind etc many songs are deep

     When I was a kid I am singing this that song but after some time

     the tone is popular then the meaning is not really pondered upon.

      But if one learn the focus and paying attention nothing can scape

      one can understand a song, know which are sincere or just jugglery of words . Every  words have meaning and there are no non sense when words are turned to

     lyrics, Lyrics takes decades to become popular or go back or forgotten

      or immortalized if not forgotten or revived with new rendition. Song can

      help movements , like doing anything. If with music it becomes the chant of

      the mind.

Jishnu: Cloud number 9 do you like the song?

Kalpesh: Yes the rhythm the tone yes its Brian Adams song Summer of 69 is energy

    in a song, you cant help but like going with a strong current or wave and that’s

    it you cant fight that it carries you to the shore of rock music. I still need to

     let that music really sync inside me.


Jishnu: What are the basic needs?

Kalpesh: FCSME- food clothing shelter medical treatment and education

Jishnu: What do you tell people about their cramping on shoulder and pain?

Kalpesh: Eat banana for pain ,for cramps stretching and proper diet

         cross legged sitting for example can totally cure cramps on legs and feet

         and proper diet

Jishnu: What about itching do you use scorpion and LS BL as anti fungi?

Kalpesh: Nope better use fungisol , there is something about names of products

Jishnu: What is the best for acne and pimples?

Kalpesh: Acnesol

Jishnu: For fungi infection causing itchiness?

Kalpesh: Fungisol

Jishnu: What do you recommend for people who have cough cold and all this phlegm or phlegmatic?

Kalpesh: Pure lemon juice with " very little salt " All the respiratory infections will go if that is taken daily at least 5 to 20 lemons a day

Jishnu: What are important things?

Kalpesh: Say something that you want in reverse psychology way

Jishnu: What kind of psycho approach is that?

Kalpesh: People don’t want this and that then tell them what they want.

      When they hear something they are suffering and tired of it

      they want to get rid of it by saying words against that

      and for a long time no one dares to say.

Jishnu: Ah you are talking about the old man and what is his story?

Kalpesh: About a man 8000 years ago with 8 deformities. He was Ashtavakra He was still in the uterus and

   his father cursed him and he came out of the womb with that curse the curse

    is that he will be born with deformities and how that happen is while inside

    the uterus his father was flabbergasted senses that the baby is against his father. So he cursed him.

Jishnu: So the father's mind is like radio with tv in it 8000 years ago and can read an unborn babies mind?

Kalpesh: Yes a vivid memory and vivid imagination just like humans today

Jishnu: What happened?

Kalpesh: A king went while hunting got lost in the forest and saw him the King became enlightened

     and India got an enlightened King because of Him. 

Namaskar its Jishnu and Kalpesh 071919 Fri

Jishnu: Hows Cycling?

Kalpesh: The spokes were all broken I have to replaced them all

Jishnu: I see you have changes recently and dreams and ideas you want to talk about it?

Kalpesh: Yes what makes Hitler a powerful leader is his book Mein Kamp

          In dreams people can see visions and use that vision to make it a reality.

          Jazzy said Hitler is irrelevant, but no, dictators bible is that book that

          Hitler himself wrote too.

Jishnu: Related to that they say river water is not going to the sea and that the universe is not really expanding.

Kalpesh: If a person is talking about water alone and its composition it stays where it is but if one talks about where is everything going then it flows it depends on the

progression of the discussion . If a Youtube title is The Universe is not really expanding it is because titles are made to deceive sometimes it is misleading they

Have advertising agenda that they want you to see .Advertising is not the basis of truth. For example they will tell you download this app now, because it is great astrology but

When you look at it has so many bad reviews , a 3 days  free trial , now when an inexperience person sign up with his credit card it cost him Rs 1200. Just because while he was  signing up he can read Free yes free

It is really free but that’s not true.

Jishnu: What have you learned from the old man?

Kalpesh: Since life it ticking away every seconds. We are on our deathbed all the time

   it’s the earth itself is a big deathbed. If tomorrow you wake up and still alive give yourself a smile , and if your love ones friends relatives are still alive give yourself another smile. Not for others but for yourself.

Jishnu: He was talking about that goddess and that man that wrote about mathematics formula for blackhole , time travel, integral calculus , multidimensional physics and that

 goddess help him formulate the blackhole math.

Kalpesh: That’s Srinivasa Ramanujan and that goddess is Namagiri

Jishnu: He said the word big bang is wrong .

Kalpesh: Yes it is a big roar , the big roars happened 84 times the echoe of that roar is the universal mantra "Om" . Rudra means roarer

    that’s why he was the first God .Some  will laugh hearing that and some will not be convinced, but it is because they have problem on understanding and listening they just want

to talk and don’t want to listen. One cannot judge a movie by the title alone one need to watch the whole movie.

Jishnu: Is the river that is going to the sea means an organization?

Kalpesh: Yes the sea is where the rivers meets so the sea in the bible is a symbol for

    organization. The first antichrist is from the sea, out of the sea , an organization

    and what's that organization? It’s the Nazi

Jishnu: What about the antichrist that is from the land?

Kalpesh: That is from the land that is it has something unique on it , where there are beautiful garden temples , bonzai , clean and green its the word agricultural land! That’s Japan where Hitlers allied were that’s Hirohito Showa.

Jishnu: How about the 666 ?

Kalpesh: Its numerology its read like 747 so you read that as six six six not six hundred sixty six . 666 is a numerology . If you use Pythagorean numerology on

Adolfus Hitler that will be 6. Also on Hirohito. If you count the lines of swastika it has six lines. It could be the birthday the year the month etc but 666 is about  the sign on the forehead it refers to a family name.  If you can observe the sign of the cross the forehead is the name of the father.

Jishnu: And who is the dragon in the bible?

Kalpesh: You see the dragon in China is holy animal.

And the dragon have a lady riding it. See Rev Chapter 12

 Revelation 12 NIV - The Woman and the Dragon - A great sign ...

The Woman and the Dragon - A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on.


Jishnu: Yes there is a woman on its back who was that?

Kalpesh: It is not a lady actually it’s a man.

        You see that Romulus is one of the twins

         And the word Roma or Rome is about him

Jishnu: Yes the twins are breast feed by dogs

Kalpesh: that’s why they say beware of the dogs          

           " In Philippians 3:2 we read, “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers,"


Jishnu: Did you mean that lady is a country?

Kalpesh: You see all countries are woman , like America, China, Roma all are

  like feminine in sense but they are not woman so that lady in that dragon

  is not a woman

Jishnu: Did you mean that the dragon in the bible is the Holy Roman Empire?

    What about the moon on her feet and 12 stars on the head?

Kalpesh: The moon on her feet, you see the moon is the symbol of the Muslims

      of Islam a crescent moon it’s a different prophecy it refers to the Philippines

      because the feet or south of Philippines are Muslims so its like on the feet

     of that woman its Mindanao and the 12 stars are the 12 regions of the Philippines

     before the Philippines have 12 regions .

Jishnu: What book did you read that?

Kalpesh: The Revelation only the one who wrote the revelation can interprete itself.

     If he was gone long ago then he will be back to fulfill his samskaras or reactive momenta His Karma , good Karma

Jishnu : You mean John the divine ?will he reincarnate again? Or will Jesus come back?

Kalpesh: John the divine ( not John the Baptist)yes he can, he is the master of the 12 disciples and Jesus the son of God or prime minister of Heaven will not go back why? Because His father will. God the father the one he called Abba in the Garden. 


Revelation 2:17

'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches To him who

overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone,

and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it.'


That’s why we have a new name of God it is now Baba Nam Kevalam. Baba Means father or supreme father

Nam means name and Kevalam means only. There is an ancient signature in the pyramid

It is read as Baba. Why will someone sign his name on pyramid if that is not His property? You see the Job 38:4 is about the Pyramid:  "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?

Jishnu: So those you mentioned above about the antichrist dragon and the antrichrist

    from Land and sea are they the fulfillment of the prophecy?


Kalpesh: Yes and another one from middle east and I think he already was shot dead in the movie "Seven" its either him or that Saddam H. But now 666 Is already replaced by 444 . Hence Friday the 13th ( 1+3=4) The code was changed. Because the Apocalypse is a series historical prophecy it changes as prophesies are getting done. If one says, "No! bible will not change!" ,that’s wrong because it is a prophecy about history, a series. Only If one is living under a rock he she would say that . 


Namaskar its Jishnu and Kalpesh 072019 Saturday


Jishnu: You said it is okay to have big population?


Kalpesh: Nope that is evolutionary problem why would you left this world  10 more children? One like you is enough


Jishnu: Why whats the problem?


Kalpesh: You see if one produce cute charming kids what if one cannot


      send them to school and provide basic needs what will happen to those  cute charming kids?


      They will become animals! So If one can see population will become 7 Billion one


       can also make a plan to at least make it 3 Billion.


Jishnu: First secure the basic needs like food clothing shelter education and medical treatment is that it?


Kalpesh: That’s what Im saying!


Jishnu: You need to talk to UN  , prime ministers , president to back up that!


Kalpesh: Yes anything is possible if backed up by a superpowers otherwise all


       talks plans will go to the garbage


Jishnu: But garbage can be recycled!


Kalpesh: Yes if we trash all old  ideas we can have fresh one.


 Jishnu: Is egg and squid vegan?

Kalpesh: Nope

Jishnu: how many hours each type of food can be completely digested ?


         Raw meat 70 hours  (before can be digested)

         Cook meat 50 hours

         Vegetable 30 hours

         Raw vegan 20 hours

         Raw fruits 1 hour

Jishnu: How's Pacmans fight? Anything new?

Kalpesh: No traffic , everyone watch the fight they saw out of balance being punch and

      pain being punch on the side of the body and how face look like after getting


Jishnu: What about the Sona ?

Kalpesh: July 22 Sona is about  the ideal things that happened and what is ideal to do

        after making plans . People don’t know anything unless leaders will tell them.

       President words were official and no gossip so people can stop their speculations.

       One group are pro and others are protesters both are pro. Even experienced

       adviser will tell that being united is the best ,working together and not being

         miserable to each other. When people are joyful the mind functions 100%

        learning , understanding , and new ideas are possible only with that. Making complex

        things simple . Not making simple things very complicated , why use the brain

        when things can be done by hand fast? For a person a task can be difficult

       but if 8 people or more will do that, it will be facilitated.

Jishnu: Which part of Sona was that?

Kalpesh: The part that says we talk fast and we are slow on action. Too much rhetoric

      and he mentioned those figure of speech.

Jishnu: Yes we need practical value of everything even if things are said  via figure of


Kalpesh: Yes like math , math teachers earn from teaching statistics , all science

         uses math only a fool will not use mathematics in their life.

Jishnu: Yes Physics ,Quantum ,Engineering are sciences that uses math even the bible

        are made of numbers and symbolic words.

Kalpesh: Math symbols and symbolic words if you mixed it that will become cabalistic


Jishnu: Do you use caballah and cabalistic method?

Kalpesh: Caballah means divine knowledge . That’s used by ancient Hebrews mentioned

      in old testament the King Solomon's Science


Jishnu: How about the Sona why people want to watch and listen to it?

Kalpesh: Because one can learn from listening. If you want to serve someone you must

     listen to him or her.

Jishnu: So what have you learned?

Kalpesh: I got initially 7 things , during the talk I got 70 things and reviewing the whole

    thing I got 43 things.

Jishnu: What is the best way to do them all?

Kalpesh: Implement plan consciously , they must first practice compassion follow conduct rules  then do not

    misuse the political power .  Or one will be disturbed inside if a person done something wrong it will disturb him forever he she will need remedy to that and it takes

A lifetime to repair that disturbance one will have to undergo hardships and in no way easy. But the reward of the righteous will be beneficial for the society. Society means yourself plus others , not as an individual.

Jishnu: So what is the best thing to do?

Kalpesh: Underground railway is the start of the future. Because infrastructure like that will give space underground for floods, electricity, electronics, robot will work there even offices and dwellings . Malls underground is possible . With that technology it can help banks , government office and transport.

Jishnu: You need tunnel boring machine

Kalpesh: Yes and water supply will flow also and even drainage on another

    underground will be a complex engineering for internet , electricity, water supply, drainage, flood system and so on.

Jishnu: What countries are doing that?

Kalpesh: All countries with flood control , railways like China Singapore Japan

      in Germany, mostly in US and Europe,Africa and Asia. All countries are working together on that . Now business is flourishing. China Philippines and South East Asia

Will shine and will become prosperous. Because some country will not accept more people

They will come to asia they will get here spiritual expansion a clean and green asia will be ready for space age. Elon Musk will make shuttle pad here from Mars , superfast internet and more eVehicles. For now we must be process oriented not result oriented. More electricity sources from dam , river ,seas, wind and solar power. Even nuclear will be away from past mistakes because they already will get mastery on atomic fusion. No more incidents on marine nor on the land because of nuclear power plant etc. More trees campaign have started in India USA and will spread across the world . Miners will become joyful and sensible human beings the destruction of forest will stop .More offices will do both reforestation and afforestation . So more medicines will be produced, people will be down to earth possessing universal identity . More natural life

Close to nature more children will treat trees as their pet . Animals will have their own sanctuary , cruelty against cow pigs and chicken will be a thing of the past. No more trapped shark no more slaughtered whales aquatic life will become abundant people will have hotels under the sea with octopus garden hotels and restobars. Information will be like calculators one will just press the keypads all the thesis, feasibility studies will be just data input and the result. Challenges will never end  dreams will never end all dreams will become big .A lifetime Is not enough it will continue from generation to generation.  If population is 3 Billion there will be 3 Billion Gods and goddesses no problem religion will not become a sect a groupism regionalism it will be a personal thing.

All will level up and will have their own level like there are beginners and advance. It will be organized accordingly.  People will visit earth from different moons of Saturn, from Mars , from our moon. They will have space ships and earth will welcome them .Everything is done consciously not a surprise aliens or ufo. All will be identified flying object . Tourism will include space travel. People can do that for free. Bacause no more corruption .

Jishnu: You have vivid sense of thoughts from the past and  imagination of the future.

Kalpesh: Yes a 3 year old kid can be happy all the time but as the kid grow old because of that vivid memory the face become miserable . People become slave of the past memory and cant move on and so anxious of the future the result is long face and miserable face. Live at present that’s Lord Shiva's method. Be process oriented not result oriented. Another is the very sophisticated brain most of the times becomes ones enemy and turns again themselves. They are in bad company with their own brain. If Yourself is your enemy that can lead to depression.

Jishnu: Is grammar important?

Kalpesh: Yes if you are good at it you will be called great grammarian

Jishnu: How about a test in grammar?

Kalpesh: No one can pass a grammar exam they are making simple things complex

         in other words more difficult .  And life to them becomes complicated .

         The word complicated even in life should not be encourage mental complexities

          is one cause of suicide . Their own brains turns against them. Grammar is optional.

          People who think they are intellectual are very articulate on asking. They are so

          articulate that even answering a question they are very articulate even if the

          answer is far out. Irrelevant that’s why the universe is a blackhole and all the

          stars and planet are inside that. We should be identified with what we do not

          know because what we do not know is enormous . What we know is just a gram

          of gold and what we don’t know is mountains and mountains of gold. We may

         have read a book that’s only a book and the worlds library are mountains of books

          That’s why being relevant is better than "I know everything" attitude.

Jishnu: Wow what you said are from two sources that’s two books if printed

Kalpesh: Nope don’t believe that put that to the test first if it works keep it. If it doesn’t work and no practical value dump it together with non sense academic books.

You see some people are called man of few words.

Jishnu: Do you like the term man of few words?

Kalpesh: Nope that’s laziness, if you say to them "I beg your pardon?" that person will

    cancel you literally. People might be asking repeatedly that’s okay if you can make it

   clear to them ,because that’s what they want to hear like a love song its okay to say

   it again even if  yelling in their ears its okay rock music are like that anyway. Maonbrath is not talking for 30 minutes. After a meal or any 30 minutes of the day. If done collectively , if a stranger comes he she will misunderstood , why are these blokes not talking? Just explain that maonbrath ,then go back to silence. Lord Buddha practice maonbrath for 6 years. Their eyes become always wide. The visual faculty is enhanced.

If you shut down your eyes by blindfold for 3 days the hearing will be enhanced you might think

. Yes thats true its like guitar or keyboard at first you look at it but when you are an expert you can do it without looking at the chords or keyboard it becomes used to it. Same with that blindfold thing, its also useful to martial arts practitioners. But why Maonbrath you might ask? If you practice maonbrath whatever you say will matter.

Or whatever you say will happen.

Jishnu: But why look at the photo of the Guru?

Kalpesh: Yeah its part of Maonbratha. Don’t write don’t sing just look at that.


Jishnu: You said you know the  Apocalypse how do you explain the "half an hour"?

Kalpesh: Yeah we are learning that in our secondary years and up to now

    you will think about it in a lifetime. You see His Majesty have revealed the 666 thing

     and now you are asking about the half hour lets see lets read the bible first

     we must have a bible. Or google will do . And since its historical prophecy history

     records is important on learning that.


1 When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

 2 And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and they were given seven trumpets.…

Revelation 8:1-2


Namaskar 072719 Sat

Jishnu: Half an hour what is it all about?

Kalpesh: Its about God center point of view of time you see Peter the apostle

   said , a day to God is 1000 years.

   it says :

2 Peter 3:8

English Standard Version

8 But do not overlook this one fact, beloved,

 that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years,

  and a thousand years as one day.


Jishnu: If so  we can divide the 1000 years to 24

       1000/24=41.6667(42)  because a day have 24 hours . 1 hour therefore is 41.6667


Kalpesh: And make that 41. 6667 into 60 minutes so you need to divide that into 60



                 God's day = 1000 years

                 God's 1 hour = 41.6667 years ( round off 42)

                 Gods half hour would be= 20.8334 years ( round off 21)

                  ( 41.6667/2=20.8334 years)



Kalpesh: Yes the half hour means 20.8334 years

Jishnu: 42 years 1 hour and 21 years half hour that’s clearer

          So whats the event behind this any specific place in history timeline?

Kalpesh: That’s the bible it is deep not literal and do not interprete that your way

          or some literal way. You see Gods kingdom is on earth not under the sea

          not in the clouds but  a kind of government on earth. I am giving you a clue

          now so you wont freak out.

Jishnu: Are you telling me the New Jerusalem is a new country ?or a place a province with the same structures like that of Old Jerusalem?

Kalpesh: Lets focus on the half an hour before we go to that question

That 42 years refers to years . It refers to Japanese occupation

      of the Philippines

Jishnu: That’s Dec 8 1941 Japan first Attack Ph and Sept 2 1945 WWII ended

Kalpesh: Nope its 1942 to 45 is the formal Japanese Occupation


The Japanese occupation of the Philippines (Filipino: Pananakop ng mga

Hapones sa Pilipinas; Japanese: 日本のフィリピン占領;

Hepburn: Nihon no Firipin Senryō) occurred between 1942 and 1945, when

 Imperial Japan occupied the Commonwealth of the Philippines during World War


Hence 42 is 1 hour for God it refers to 1942 the year of Japanese Occupation



Jishnu: Are you telling me that prophecy is about Philippines?

Kalpesh: Specifically yes


2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not;

 for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under

foot forty and two months.


- 1942 hence 42 - Gods one hour is 42 years

            Its about year 1942 when Japanese Occupied  Philippines.

Jishnu: It says 42 months

Kalpesh: Also 42 months Japanese occupied Philippines for 42 months

       Japanese were here even before the WWII began they are spying

        befriend and betray their method. So its within 42 months

Jishnu:  1942 and 1945 that’s only 3 years

Kalpesh: yes 1260 is  3 years if you will read Rev 11: 3


3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a

thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.



That’s 1260. If you divide into 365 that’s 3 years. ( 1260/365=3.4521 )

ds ( Cheers    )

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