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06122019 Wednesday
Jishnu: What is a pratika? Kalpesh: Its an emblem a Yantra a machine a tool that represents ideology. Jishnu : What are the ten divine principles? Kalpesh: It refers to the Yama and Niyama . Meditation is nothing without it. The best thing a person a man could have is the mindset of helping not to harm anyone and keep the sanctity of pratika ten divine principles but doing good and helping the society  its like one have lamp in the dark. Ideology goal process might be secret but the practical aspect of it is a shining example for the welfare of all. All the sanctity of instructions and so on must be kept. Jishnu: Why? Kalpesh : Ours is an ism too Its mysticism , mystics are gentleman they are not vulgar predictable it takes stages to develop things not in an instant. Jishnu: What is the ability to explain? Kalpesh: It is being extra sensitive to what are the effects of lessons on meditation to the body. Just the pulsation ideation and the encantation can purify the cakras , increase focus and greater than the initial stage. Like the cakra shodhana it really enhances and accelerates one towards the Supreme Consciousness. Jishnu: People have explained 4 parts of breathing but never explained that if breathing stops life will end. Kalpesh: Breathing is also a science many are not aware of breathing. That breathing  the way they breath is imperfect , it is associated with fast slow deep shallow but still lacking , what is lacking is the process. The process is secret and that is the reason why breathing is a mysterious thing like water. Pranayama is regulation of breath. Pranayama can be thought in books youtube etc but the process is so  secret.That even if youre done doctoral in the universities , or you already are a trillionaire it is still never heard . People may gossips about family relatives friends and showbiz but they cannot learn Pranayama that way. Kiirtan is the only way. Jishnu: Kiirtan? Kalpesh: Yes Kiirtan is the ultimate tools to fight gossips drugs and all the evil in the society. And one can learn Pranayama with that . Jishnu: How? Kalpesh : Kiirtan then meditation all the Jinana or right knowledge will naturally come Jinana symbol is the downward triangle of the Pratika  and Karma Yoga is the upward triangle of the pratika through those symbols proper knowledge naturally is poured down to the Sadhakas mind. Jishnu: I thought it is secret? Kalpesh : All I have said to you are secrets those ananda sutram, 15 Shiilas , 50 propensities are secrets but I gave it all. I have enumerated them all to you. Jishnu: Yes I have kept them in my notes because I know you will rarely mention them. Kalpesh: Nope it will be mentioned all the time and repeatedly like mantras and slokas. Jishnu: That is your fb secret group ! Kalpesh : Closed group but it is for everyone it is just under regulation so that it will not fall in the wrong hands. You see the bible itself is symbolic not literal it is to prevent them from the wrong hands.  Jishnu: Yes I have noticed that it is coded, numbered and symbolic.
Kalpesh : Double meaning yes symbolic futuristic historical but people interprete them with ambiguity and those who really know the true meaning of those symbols can know who is from the company or not. Jishnu : Like what? Kalpesh: The series historical prophecy. The apocalypse , revelation. Written down by John the Divine. Jishnu: It feels like sacred mystical  geometry you talk like a mason! Kalpesh: The book is done written in Ph and already translated in English I dont know when will the book get support from institutions. Jishnu: where is that book? Kalpesh: It belongs to His Majesty Philippines our Samaj ( society)is called HM Samaj. If one is super intellectual go there. There is nothing more sacred endeavour and challenging than that. Jishnu: For some it is insignificant! Kalpesh: Yes they are satisfied with one knowledge not two. Scholars have given this that sciences where are they now? Buried or burned now part of earth crust! Intellectuals have thought about imaginary places now people
 are looking for it in the real world if collection of thoughts are put together
 it will create things like that . The result will be Atlantis, Heaven, Eden, Cloud 9 all are just stories , stories that one may believe or not. Now seekers are those who are capable or realizations. like treasure hunters are capable of finding treasures. Believers are disasters gullible to stories. Vulnerable to dogmas. Threatened people will even drink poison , believe anything . But after indoctrination when they go out all indoctrinations collapse because in reality life is not only  books, words, cartoons, animations, life is also sports academics and arts. One have to follow the rules of the game. Feel the real boundary , gravity , and know the physical limitations. If people dont have body the soul will go anywhere , if the earth dont have gravity people will be like balloons floating anywhere , if one has no boundary people will become like fb they lose their sense of boundary. No more face to face interaction . It is like talking under the table with another person behind the door. One should fall in line , without that people will not learn how to deal with reality. Sports can counteract them. Jishnu: I see thats your own words can you say your words are okay now? Kalpesh: What I m saying is that there is an advantage of being limited as a human, with boundary as human beings. It is life as it is.
061519 Saturday
Jishnu: What happen on Mercedes ? Kalpesh:June 13 2019 Fiesta with St. Anthony Saint Anthony of Padua (Portuguese: Santo António de Pádua), born Fernando Martins de Bulhões (15 August 1195 – 13 June 1231)[1] – also known as Saint Anthony of Lisbon (Portuguese: Santo António de Lisboa) – was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order. He was born and raised by a wealthy family in Lisbon, Portugal, and died in Padua, Italy. Noted by his contemporaries for his powerful preaching, expert knowledge of scripture, and undying love and devotion to the poor and the sick, he was one of the most quickly canonized saints in church history. He was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on 16 January 1946. He is also the patron saint of lost things.JIshnu : He reminds me of Kawhi Anthony Leonard. Kalpesh: Yes they are namesake.

Jishnu: What about chess? Kalpesh: Chess is about consequences of your moves

1. your piece might be taken 2. you may regret of your moves thats it. 

3.Make sure your pieces got supports from the rest and always think of the 

consquences of your moves.And do it fast on time attack mode Jishnu: Thats fb. 

Kalpesh: Yes for a better board you have to buy one around $ 9.00 or Php 

200 something like that. Jishnu: Isko is around what does he want? Kalpesh

he will receive money from his boss. Jishnu: What about the NBA finals why

the Raptors were good? Kalpesh: I know I know Iknow I respect you man.To win 

NBA finals means one is free from sprain strain eat a lot of bean curd for

strong bones . And veggies for stong fibrous muscle be alive and eat alive

food 31 % of food must be alive food means it is fresh raw juicy and ripe. 

Jishnu : Not about practice shooting and teamwork? Kalpesh: And that also.

If your body and mind gets instruction from you you are good manager, a leader

so one have to do exactly that. 

   June 16 2019 Sun

Jishnu: Itchiness what is the cause? Kalpesh: 1 It can be sexually transmi-

ssible itchiness like fungi. But if sweat is the cause it might be you dont

rinsed properly your laundry. You know laundry powder is hot , can cause

the skin itchiness making it look like with fungi infection and that is skin's

chemical reaction to that . The best thing to do is do not used laundry powder

if you dont rinsed laundry the way it used to be. Jishnu: Do you have  tools

for screw? Kalpesh: Screw driver yes tools are important and without it one

cannot unscrew any screw.Hands Teeth are not enough. Jishnu: What is the tools

for deep meditation? Kalpesh: Shiva Liunga, Shivas cow statue , Statue of 

Lord Shiva most tools are in the form of sculptures but the secret are the 

materials they use to make it. Like they need corn meal, granite, magnet

etc something like that. Those tools are for real. And found in many temples.

Pyramid itself is a tool for meditation pratika was an ancient pyramid 

hieroglyphics. Some deities statue are tools, it becomes tools for 

math for blackholes . The statue spirit is doing the math. It is all about 

tools be aware that most religious objects are tools for many things, Saints

are capable of that, unfortunately 400 years of Christianity Ph had produce

only one saint. Anyway they say every Catholic when body clock is over they become

saint saint means perfect thats why there is saints camp, all saints day.

Chinese uses their ancestors as tools to pray to. Tools are everywhere no


ds ( Cheers    )

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